The Star of Christmas is the 18th episode of VeggieTales and the second holiday special of the series.


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Fun Facts


  • This marks the first VeggieTales episode to go over the 30 minute mark.
  • numbers on the church represent the date when Brian Roberts was married.
  • In the storyboards, it was Scallion 2 that was pulling the wagon instead of 3.
  • This marks the last episode for Shelbey Vischer to voice Annie and Mike Sage to voice Scallion 3.
  • This would be the last Christmas related video until years later.

Inside Reference

  • The fireplace in the office is the same one from Grandmum's cottage, which contained the penguin figurines.
  • On the pillar with the poster for the Christmas pageant, you can see a poster of Lyle on the left and a poster of Uncle Blobb's carnival on the right.
  • The dishes Jerry gives to the prisoners are omelets.

Real World Reference

  • The music that was playing in the climax is parallel to the Mission Impossible series.
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