"When you cheat, everyone looses. That's why God loves it when we play fair- everyone wins! Not many feelings better than winning fair and square."
— Grandmum
The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka
Music by

Kurt Heinecke


September 16, 2001


33 minutes

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The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka is the second direct-to-video episode for 3-2-1 Penguins!


In a space captain's blog style, Jason reports live stranded on Planet Grandmum's house. Michelle is also reporting live. Together, they recap what they did at Grandmum's cottage.

Jason and Michelle are finishing their second game of Squid-Tac-Toad. Jason is about to use his Squid-Hopper to knock off one of Michelle's Yellow-Capped Whopper Dingies when Grandmum interrupts them. She tells them that their Granddad gave her that game on their fifth anniversary when they were in Australia. She asks how their game is going. Jason answers that Michelle tied them at two games. Michelle proudly declares that she has one more game to win to be the champion. Grandmum says that both Jason and Michelle are both good players, but girls have a better chance at winning because their fingers are bigger for the spinners.

Jason and Michelle begin their third game. Some of the things that happen in the game are Jason placing his Red-Naped Ib on D-3, Jason using his Squid-Hopper again, and Michelle using her Toad-Roller. As the game is coming to an end, A-1 is the only space where either of them could win. Jason and Michelle spin their spinners to determine whose piece will land their. Michelle, concerned that her piece won't land there, distracts Jason by saying hello to "Pidgel." When Jason turns around to find out who that is, Michelle turns the arrow from the Red-Naped Ib to the Yellow-Capped Whopper Dingy. After Jason turns back to the game, Michelle places her piece in the empty space and claims victory. Jason doesn't hold the loss against her, instead, he congratulates her on her winning the game.

As soon as Jason walks upstairs, Michelle takes off her glasses and looks at the Penguin figurines in the ship and tells them that she didn't cheat at the game. Grandmum agrees with her and says she knows better than that. She asks if Michelle knows what the Bible says about cheating. "The Lord hates cheating scales, but accurate weights are His delight," she quotes. Michelle says that she doesn't know what that means. Grandmum use an analogy to explain the meaning. In her analogy, she takes five pounds of socks to the laundry, but the person at the laundromat adjusts the scales so that it says that she's got ten pounds. Now she has to pay double to get her socks washed.


Fun Facts


  • Zidgel explaining about the demands of space travel is mostly based on what fictional media portrays on how traveling through space can be done easier than in real life. Best examples that showcase this are the Star Trek series and Doctor Who.


  • This is the first episode to have a title card, as well as the first episode with a song at the end.
  • This marks the first appearance of the Lizard King and the Bandicoot King.
  • The Arena voicover is Kurt.
  • Some of the scenes in this episode were removed in the televised version on Qubo and Smile of a Child, including...
    • Jason and Michelle's dialogue in the beginning.
    • The final scenes of the Comet Lounge.
  • It is revealed that Michelle's middle name is Francis.
  • In the DVD scene selection, the first chapter has an overview of the cottage, with stock footage from the previous episode. However, that was not included in the DVD. That is because in the original VHS release, there was a intro of Jason and Michelle recapping the events from that said episode.


  • Zidgel saying it'll take days to travel through space is somewhat odd, considering the previous episode he asked Midgel to go into hyper drive.
  • According to Fidgel from the commentary, the Gurgler sends the game pieces to the snackbar of the arena. So the Lizard King was just probably trying to make it look scary.
  • Kevin breaks the fourth wall when he's the only character moving when the voiceover describes "ombudsmen", while everyone else is frozen in place.

Inside References

  • A lot of mentions and references from the previous episode are included here, such as;
  • Midgel stating that Michelle might be daydreaming. Even Kevin says "Deja vu!"
  • Him also trying out the new landing gear after hearing Jason's advice, as well echoing "No job's too hard when you use your head."
  • President "No, I'm the President" is still flying through space.
  • The verse quoted is "Proverbs 11:1."

Real World

  • Zidgel's laugh when he and the other penguins were free is the famous Woody Woodpecker laugh.


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