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The LarryMobile Larry-Boy's main mode of transportation. It was designed by Alfred.


Despite the various changes of the LarryMobile through the years, the design is relatively the same.

The design of the vehicle is in the shape of Larry-Boy itself with four plungers as wheels, with one in the back as a jet thruster. It also has a protected glass frame over the driver seat. Mark 1's design actually had the glass roof designed as Larry-Boy's eyes and nose.


The interior is dark, then purple and has a television screen that the driver can contact with whoever is at the LarryCave. There are also a set of buttons of used for either changing it to a different form or feature, similar to the Mach 5 or James Bond. These included...

  • Yellow (Turns into the LarryPlane)
  • Blue (M1; used for wipers. M2; turns into a tunneling boring machine)
  • Green (M1; used for honk a song. M2; turns into the LarryMobile)
  • Red (turns into a sub)

It's unknown if the buttons were kept in later versions after M2, though it could be possible since it changes into the LarryPlane.

Other forms

The LarryMobile can turn into different forms of transportation. One of the most used is the LarryPlane, which Larry-Boy uses to fly over Bumblyburg.

It can also used as a tunneling boring machine and a submarine.