This article is about the book. You may be looking for the episode.
LarryBoy and the Yodelnapper

Kent Redeker


February 3, 2003

LarryBoy and the Yodelnapper is the fourth LarryBoy chapter book, based on the episode of the same name.


LarryBoy goes undercover as a world-famous yodeler to foil the scheme of Green Greta, the Greedy Zucchini, who is kidnapping yodelers out of greed. Things go from bad to worse when LarryBoy tries to capture Greta and is attacked by an entire collection of Hula dolls. But instead of waging a Hawaiian war, LarryBoy sees this as a chance to complete his own Hula doll set. Does LarryBoy really need all the hula dolls? Will he realize how to be content before it’s too late? Or will our hero be overtaken by his own greed? Find out in another exciting LarryBoy adventure!


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