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LarryBoy and the Sinister Snow Day

Sean Gaffney


February 3, 2003

LarryBoy and the Sinister Snow Day is the third LarryBoy chapter book. It features a lesson in the importance of learning and growing.


It is very dark at the Daily Bumble, as two voices are heard, before another voice asks what is going on. The lights are turned, as Bob stands near the light switch of the newspaper's printing room, while Herbert and Wally are revealed to be standing next to the large printing press, while looking sheepish. Vicki then comes up to Bob, asking him what he found, while Larry also peeks into the room asking what is going on. When Vicki tells Larry that Bob heard intruders in the print room. Larry is surprised when he hears that there are intruders, he turns to leave, while Bob and Vicki watch him then look at each other and shrug, knowing that Larry acted strangely and they were becoming used it. When they turn their attention back to Herbert and Wally again, Bob asks the two what they are doing in the printing-press room. Wally confesses that he was going to change the headline for tomorrow's sports page. Bob is surprised, asking what is wrong with 'Bumblyburg Baseball Has Bats in Its Belfry'. Wally answers that nothing is wrong with it, but he thought that a better headline might say 'Wally Beats Hebert in Bowling' instead. Vicki then sarcastically asks why they did not think of that. Bob then asks Herbert what about him, and Herbert answers that he was going to change the headline to read 'Wally Snores'.

Bob asks Herbert and Wally when they are ever going to learn, which confuses Wally, asking what he means by that, saying that he and Herbert already graduated from school, while Herbert adds that he got straight A's in finger painting, which is not easy for a vegetable with no fingers. Bob tells the two that that is not what he means, telling them that they keep letting their petty squabbles get them into trouble. Herbert asks what a squabble is, and Wally answers that it is a board game, but Vicki tells them that the game in question is Scrabble. A voice suddenly cries out, "Have no fear, LarryBoy is here!" Bob, Vicki, Herbert, and Wally turn towards the door and look to see LarryBoy standing before them. LarryBoy tells Bob to step aside while he takes care of "these intimidating intruders". Bob tries telling LarryBoy that that will not be necessary because they are not intruders, but he does not get to finish his sentence when LarryBoy leaps over and pushes him aside, which causes Bob to stumble into the control panel of the printing press, turning it on. LarryBoy tells Herbert and Wally not to run, even though Herbert and Wally are not doing anything. LarryBoy whispers to Vicki that villains always try to run, but he is too smart for that, before firing one of his Super-Suction Ears, as it whizzes past Herbert and Wally and wedges itself into the printing press. LarryBoy then muses that if they had been running, then that shot would have been a direct hit. Vicki points out to LarryBoy that Herbert and Wally are not running, which surprises LarryBoy, before he yells out, "Hey, cut that out!"

Vicki questions this, as LarryBoy tells her that someone is pulling on his plunger ear. Vicki looks at Bob, who looks at Wally, who looks at Herbert, but no one is pulling on LarryBoy's plunger ear, which Vicki points out, before saying to look at the printing press. Everyone looks at the spot where LarryBoy's Super Suction Ear hit the machine. The plunger ear is being pulled into the press, dragging LarryBoy along with it, as LarryBoy cries for help. Vicki yells to turn the machine off, and Bob says that he is trying, but it is too late, as LarryBoy gets pulled into the press. The machine starts making a bunch of noises, before Larry briefly appears near the top of the printing press, before getting pulled back in again. Bob asks if the machine is okay, before ink starts spurting out the sides of the press. After the machine makes more noises, LarryBoy gets shot out of the other end of the printing press all bundled with a stack of newspaper and the headline, 'School Back in Session' printed across his forehead. Vicki asks LarryBoy if he is alright, and LarryBoy answers that he is, acting tough to impress Vicki, while Vicki jokingly states that that is one way to get your uniform pressed. Bob says that now they will have to reset the whole thing and that it is going to be a late night, which LarryBoy apologizes to, but Vicki tells him not to feel sorry for them, but for Larry the janitor. When LarryBoy questions this, Vicki shows him the mess before telling him that it is going to take Larry days to clean up the room. Bob then tells Vicki that they have a paper to put out.

The next day, a newspaper hits the door of the Asparagus' house, as Junior comes out, picks up the newspaper, and runs back inside, before he opens up the newspaper and reads through it. After flipping past several other pages, Junior finds the page that he was looking for and becomes upset after reading it, just as Dad Asparagus comes into the room and asks him what's wrong. Junior explains that it's the weather report and that he was hoping for a snowstorm this morning. Dad Asparagus chuckles at the prospect of a snowstorm in September, quipping that that would be surprising, but tells Junior not to worry and that it will snow in a couple of months. Junior is surprised to hear this, saying that that's a lifetime away and that he wants it to snow today. Dad Asparagus then reasons that if it snowed today, then they might have to cancel school, which is exactly why Junior wanted it to snow, as Junior tells his dad this. Dad Asparagus tells Junior that he thought he liked school, Junior answering that he did when he was a kid, but now that he's growing up, he has better things to do. Dad Asparagus then tells Junior that he's still in grade school, though the way Junior sees it, counting preschool, he's already had several years of classes so he's basically nearing adulthood. Dad Asparagus can only chuckle before telling Junior to remember that God wants everyone to keep learning, even grown-ups, and when you stop learning, you stop growing. Junior then asks if he can look at the paper again, Dad Asparagus asking him what he's looking for, before Junior answers that he forgot to see if it's going to snow tomorrow, but Dad Asparagus tells him that it's not going to snow tomorrow. Junior moans about it before he stares out the window and starts dreaming of snow.

Outside of the Asparagus house, a van is parked out on the street with several thick wires with microphones positioned all over the neighborhood. The van reads 'Unmarked Van Rental - When You Need Not To Be Noticed', while a dangerous-looking snow pea named Avalanche has been setting up a lot of wires. Avalanche hops into the van after setting up another wire and meets up with two more snow peas named Frostbite and Snowflake. Avalanche plugs the wire into the side of a radio console at the back of the van and puts on a pair of headphones. Frostbite recognizes that Junior is telling his dad that he's hoping for it to snow, while Snowflake quips that he likes snow, before Frostbite adds that Junior's just like every other kid on the block, that they all want a snow day so that they won't have to go to school. Snowflake then pipes up that he liked school, but Avalanche tells him that he did not, while Snowflake argues that he did, then asks why he thinks he spent five years in first grade. Frostbite tells Avalanche and Snowflake to be quiet because their leader is calling them in. Frostbite hits a button on the console, just as a menacing voice is heard over the loudspeaker. The gravely-sounding voice then congratulates the snow peas for their work and that he has been monitoring the transmissions from the microphones that they set up. Frostbite thanks the voice and says that all of the children want a snow day, which the voice confirms that they do and that soon, he will use that desire to trick the children into helping them, and when they do, they turn all of Bumblyburg into a frozen wasteland. The voice then starts laughing, as do Frostbite, Avalanche, and Snowflake, though Snowflake doesn't get it, so he pulls out a comic book and starts reading it until the others stop laughing.

The auditorium is packed with superheroes, just as Bok Choy, the professor, steps onto the stage and up to the podium. Bok Choy then announces to everyone that they've been gathered here this day to witness an event that has never happened before in the school; they are giving a diploma to a trainee before he finishes all of his classes. Everyone in the auditorium then starts chanting for LarryBoy, before Bok Choy hushes them, further confirming that LarryBoy is so naturally gifted, so scholastically stupendous, so downright super, he doesn't need to attend classes anymore and that there is nothing more for him to learn. The crowd then chants LarryBoy's name once again, just as LarryBoy makes his way to the stage while Bok Choy gives him a diploma, which he graciously accepts. LarryBoy thanks everyone in the auditorium and that it is a great privilege but someone interrupts him, before LarryBoy starts to scan the crowd for this unwanted intruder. Someone then tells LarryBoy to wake up, before it is revealed that it was all just a dream that LarryBoy was having. LarryBoy is sitting at his desk in class, taking Superhero 101: The Basics of Being Super at the Bumblyburg Community College, while Bok Choy was lecturing at the front of the room. LarryBoy's classmate the Scarlet Tomato was revealed to be the one who was telling LarryBoy to wake up, while LarryBoy proclaims that he's awake and that he wasn't sleeping at all. The Scarlet Tomato tells LarryBoy that he was because he was snoring, but LarryBoy insists that he wasn't snoring, but rather, practicing Morse code with snorts. The Scarlet Tomato is surprised, before LarryBoy demonstrates by making a loud obnoxious snort through his nose, before telling the Scarlet Tomato that what he just did was the letter S, though the Scarlet Tomato looks at LarryBoy with disbelief.

Because of this, LarryBoy is then forced to admit that he was sleeping, before the Scarlet Tomato tells him that whether or not he was sleeping, he missed the lecture, just as Bok Choy concludes his lecture on how he defeated the Snow King, then dismisses the class. All the superheroes start to leave, before Bok Choy then says, "Except for LarryBoy". Lemon Twist tells LarryBoy, "Tough break", before she and the other heroes also leave, while LarryBoy walks to the front of the classroom and meets with Bok Choy. Bok Choy looks menacingly at LarryBoy, who is too embarrassed to look his teacher in the eye, before Bok Choy asks LarryBoy if he was sleeping in his class. LarryBoy tries to deny that he was sleeping in class, before admitting that he was. Bok Choy then tells LarryBoy that someday, he will realize how important an education is and when that day comes, then LarryBoy will wish that he hadn't slept through so many lectures. After that, Bok Choy then allows LarryBoy to leave, which LarryBoy does. LarryBoy soon races the Larrymobile home just as his videophone starts chirping, before Archibald's face appears on the screen of the videophone. Archibald greets LarryBoy, asking him how class went, while LarryBoy, trying to hide the fact that he slept in class again, answers that it was, "Stimulating, invigorating, awe-inspiring", but Archibald quickly figures out that LarryBoy was sleeping in class again. LarryBoy admits that maybe he did, but it wasn't his fault, that the lecture was boring and that school is boring. Archibald tries assuring LarryBoy that school can be so much fun and that there so many good things to learn, and that he loves attending classes. LarryBoy then says that he doesn't and claims that he's an accomplished superhero and that he knows so much already, further stating that he has more important things to do with his time, like playing Tic-Tac-Toe on the Larrycomputer, feeling confident that he can win, while Archibald can only sigh just as LarryBoy clicks off the videophone. Archibald then sighs that when it comes to trying to teach LarryBoy something, it seems he can never win.

At the clubhouse, Junior makes an announcement that he is a mature elementary-school kid and that he has no need for school anymore while Laura Carrot, Percy Pea, and Renee Blueberry applaud him. Laura agrees with what Junior said, saying that she's sure that she's learned all that there is to know. Percy also agrees that he's 'learnt' lots, but Laura corrects him that it's 'learned'. Renee also adds that she already knows how to speak French and English, and that that's more than some teachers. Percy then adds that he knows English and Pig Latin, but Renee tells him that Pig Latin isn't a real language, before Percy replies in Pig Latin that it is too. Junior then says that they should make a pact, which is no more school, which Renee and Percy agree with, though Laura is a bit hesitant because she's worried that they'll get into trouble. Junior realizes that he hadn't thought of that then asks the others if they have any other ideas. There is a knock at the door, so Junior answers it, as it opens, just as Frostbite, Avalanche, and Snowflake step in. Frostbite introduces himself and Avalanche and Snowflake to the kids afterwards, though Laura says that they're not supposed to talk to strangers. Snowflake goes to leave, but Avalanche stops him, while Frostbite tells the kids that he and his brothers wanted to tell them something, explaining that he and his brothers couldn't help overhearing that they were talking about not wanting to go to school. Avalanche adds that they heard that the kids wished there was a way to get out of going to school without getting in trouble. Snowflake then pipes in that they tried to be polite and not listen but it was hard not to hear while they were crouching outside the window, which causes Avalanche to give Snowflake a sharp nudge.

Frostbite quickly changes the subject, telling the kids that they know of a way for them to get out of going to school without getting into trouble. Percy is amazed, while Laura is a bit suspicious, saying, "I don't believe it", before Frostbite answers "Believe it", further telling the kids that their parents will be the ones to tell them to stay home. Junior is surprised before asking how, before Frostbite tells the kids that he and his brothers know how to create their own snow day and that they don't have to wait for Winter. Avalanche also adds that all the children have to do is promise not to tell anyone about it. The kids then look at each other, while Renee asks Junior what he thinks, while Junior is unsure because it sounds too good to be true. Percy tells Junior that it couldn't hurt to listen to their idea, while Laura reminds Junior of a snow day in September. Because of this, Junior tells Frostbite, Avalanche, and Snowflake that they'll listen but no promises. Frostbite then tells the children to gather around and to remember that it's a secret. The kids then form a tight circle around Frostbite as he begins to explain the plan to them, which the children are amazed by, except for Snowflake, who still doesn't get it.

At the Daily Bumble, Vicki asks Bob if the assignment is dangerous, but Bob tells her that it's not dangerous but it is important, while Vicki bemoans that she was hoping for a dangerous assignment because all of her latest assignments have been a little boring. Bob then says that if his information is correct, then Bumblyburg won't be boring for long. The door then knocks as Larry sticks his head in, telling Bob that he needs to clean the ceiling tiles, which Bob allows him to do. Larry attaches a squeegee to a long pole and starts to wipe the ceiling tiles, with water dripping from the ceiling and onto Bob's desk, as Bob frantically moves his papers around to avoid the dripping water, while explaining to Vicki that there is a new supervillain on the loose named Iceberg. Larry is surprised to hear this, while Bob tells him to be a little more careful with the squeegee. Vicki says that she's heard of Iceberg, because his dad was a supervillain back in the days when Bok Choy protected Bumblyburg, which Bob confirms, before further explaining that Iceberg has been causing trouble with his love of all things cold. He explains that Iceberg disrupted the big game at the Salad Bowl by causing a hailstorm, and that he froze the mayor's duck pond in South Pimento, turning it into an ice rink, while Vicki is sympathetic for the poor ducks, Bob agreeing with her, asking her to imagine how hard it was to find skates that fit webbed feet. When Vicki asks Bob what Iceberg is up to now, Bob tells her that there is a rumor that he plans to hit Bumblyburg next, which Vicki says is a big story and that she's on it.

Larry has been listening to everything while working, but doesn't watch where he's washing, so because of that, the squeegee that he's holding gets snagged onto the ceiling fan, which pulls him into the air with it. Larry cries out for help with the ceiling fan spinning him around the room, Vicki ducking in rhythm with the fan blades, while Bob yells at Larry to get down from there. However, Larry can only spin faster and faster, knocking over the books on Bob's shelf, Bob's lamp, and even Bob himself, which Bob scolds Larry for as Larry apologizes. There is suddenly a click as Larry's spinning slows to a stop, where it is revealed that Vicki had turned off the ceiling fan, before she asks Bob if he's okay. Bob answers that he is, though he can't say the same for their janitor. Larry is still hanging from the ceiling fan while he giggles that he hasn't been that dizzy since he put his overalls in the washer, and when Vicki asks why that would make him dizzy, Larry answers that he was still wearing them. Bob then asks Larry if he's going to get down from the ceiling, though Larry doesn't know, asking Bob if he's mad, Bob answering that he is, which causes Larry to decide to stay on the ceiling for a while, while Vicki decides to leave the two alone and leaves the room.

Inside the sewer, Frostbite has attached a huge metal cylinder to the ceiling of the sewer pipe, able to reach the ceiling because he is standing on top of Avalanche, who in turn is standing on top of Snowflake. Frostbite tells his comrades that that's the last Mini-Hooha they needed to put in place. When Snowflake asks what Mini-Hoohas are, Frostbite tells him that they're the metal gadgets that they've been attaching to the ceiling, before telling Snowflake to let him and Avalanche down. However, when Snowflake looks up at the ceiling to study the large cylinder, he leans back too far while Frostbite and Avalanche are still standing on him, before all three snow peas end up tumbling into the sewer waters. Frostbite groans that he just spent the whole day putting the gadgets into place and now he's tired and wet. Snowflake then asks why they put all the Mini-Hoohas in the sewer under the streets of Bumblyburg, before Frostbite rudely explains to Snowflake that each Mini-Hooha is attached to the boss's machine by the pipes, and that when the boss throws the switch, the will fill up each Mini-Hooha with F.r.i.s.b.e.e.s., though Snowflake doesn't understand. Avalanche then tells Snowflake that he'll understand soon enough, if the kids do their part, which Frostbite agrees with.

At Junior Asparagus's house, it is almost midnight as Junior lies awake in bed staring at the clock. As soon as the clock strikes midnight, Junior quickly jumps out of bed and runs to the door of his bedroom, carefully pulling the door open and listening, but there are no sounds heard from the hallway. Junior then quietly says that he hopes that Mom and Dad are asleep as he comes out from his bedroom and hops quietly down the hall before stopping outside his parents' room to listen. There is a loud snort which causes Junior to jump, wondering if his parents are awake, before listening even more, before it is revealed to be the sound of snoring, which Junior is relieved by, meaning that his parents are definitely asleep. Junior continues down the hall and into the bathroom, as he quietly closes the door behind him, then moves to the tub and puts the stopper in the drain before turning on the water before doing the same thing to the sink. After accomplishing this task, Junior opens the door listens, hearing only a not-so-soft snoring coming from his parents' room. Junior swiftly moves through the hall and ducks back into his bedroom, closing the door and hopping into bed, wondering how the others are doing. Down the street from Junior's house, Laura has also done the same thing that Junior did, having turned on the water in the kitchen sink, just as her brother Lenny peeks out from around the corner, telling Laura that he got the bathtub running, before they both head back upstairs. Percy also looks around the corner after doing the same thing as well then returning to his bedroom and hops back into bed, looking out the window in time to see the sprinklers on his neighbor's lawn come on, seeing Renee dashing from the lawn back to her front door. Percy then smiles while snuggling into his bed while thinking about the rest of his friends turning on the faucets in the neighborhood, everything going according to plan.

The next morning, Archibald gently nudges Larry, who is fast asleep in bed snoring loudly, telling Larry to wake up. This causes Larry to immediately wake up while sitting up, shouting that he knows the answer and that he wasn't sleeping, before Archibald tells him that it's only him. Larry is relieved, saying that he thought he was in trouble, but Archibald is able to assure Larry that he's not in trouble, but Bumblyburg is, and that they need a hero right away. Because of this, Larry then pronounces that he's that hero, which Archibald agrees with, handing Larry his suit, which was freshly cleaned and ironed. Larry takes his suit and dashes behind the changing screen then asks Archibald what the trouble is. Archibald answers that during the night, someone turned on every faucet in Bumblyburg and that the whole town is flooded. Larry then says that Bumblyburg doesn't need a hero, but rather a plumber, which Archibald reluctantly admits, if it was an accident, before adding that Police Chief Croswell suspects foul play. Larry agrees with Archibald, confirming that it sounds like the work of foul play, while Archibald waits for the question to come, and just as he had waited, Larry asks who 'foul play' is. Because of this, Archibald tells Larry that if he'd paid more attention in class, then he would know that foul play is not a person, but rather a phrase meaning 'an evil plot', which Larry claims that he knew that.

Archibald further explains that Chief Croswell thinks that a supervillain might be attacking Bumblyburg, and that it could be another one of Awful Alvin's schemes or even Plumb Loco, before Larry also adds that it might be Iceberg that Bob and Vicki were talking about, though he mispronounces the name as "ice cube", before Archibald corrects him. Larry then says that it's a job for LarryBoy, as he then jumps out from behind the changing screen. Archibald then tells LarryBoy that except for the fact that he put his uniform over his pajamas, he is all set to go, LarryBoy agreeing with him, before disappearing behind the screen again. Soon, LarryBoy flies over Bumblyburg in the Larryplane, seeing that the whole town is indeed flooded, covered knee-deep in water, though the level of the water is different for different Bumblyburg citizens regarding their height. LarryBoy then sees Officer Olaf before sending the plane in a dive toward the street, before turning the Larryplane back into the Larrymobile again, splashing as it hit the ground then driving up Officer Olaf's squad car which was sitting in the middle of the road. LarryBoy calls out to Officer Olaf, who rolls down the window and greets LarryBoy back, explaining that the whole town of Bumblyburg is flooded and that the streets are a mess, with panic setting in, because people are getting soaked just going out to pick up the morning paper, and that the morning papers are all soggy.

Larry understands, before Officer Olaf also adds that even he's stuck because the engine of his squad car is flooded. Larry then quips that he should expect that when driving through a flood, which he thinks is kind of silly, but when he tries to start up the Larrymobile, it ends up sputtering because the engine got flooded as well. LarryBoy says that he sure wishes that he could get to the Larryspeedboat, while Officer Olaf says that they're both stuck until the flood subsides, and when LarryBoy asks how long that will be, Officer Olaf answers that it will take days for the water to drain out. However, a strange voice cries out that it will take longer than that, before LarryBoy and Officer Olaf notice a van parked directly across the street. The door of the van is open, just as a head of lettuce comes out from the van while sitting in a floating plastic bowl, which frightens LarryBoy, while Officer Olaf recognizes the head of lettuce from Bumblyburg's Most Wanted, which the lettuce confirms, introducing himself as Iceberg and that he is the new master of the soon-to-be-icy Bumblyburg. Officer Olaf tells LarryBoy to get Iceberg, which LarryBoy confirms before telling Iceberg to prepare to meet his maker as he reaches for his door handle, but Iceberg laughs that it's too late. While Iceberg is laughing, the streets of Bumblyburg start to shake, while Officer Olaf asks what's happening, but LarryBoy can't hear him because of the loud rumbling, before Officer Olaf then shouts, repeating his question, before Iceberg answers that he's happening before giving off a loud laugh. LarryBoy recognizes Iceberg's laugh as an 'evil-menace-to-society' laugh and that only supervillains use that laugh, which Iceberg confirms, further adding that even now, his machinery is transforming the flood waters of Bumblyburg, but LarryBoy misunderstands, thinking that Iceberg is getting rid of the water, which he thinks is thoughtful, before Iceberg corrects LarryBoy that the waters are transforming, before the rumbling stops with a loud CRACK.

LarryBoy is glad that that's over, before deciding to do something about Iceberg, but when Officer Olaf tries to open his door, it's stuck, before telling LarryBoy to look at the water. LarryBoy is surprised when he sees that the water had turned to ice and that the Larrymobile is now stuck in the ice, in fact, all of Bumblyburg is stuck in ice. Iceberg crows that his plan to turn Bumblyburg into a frozen wasteland has worked. LarryBoy warns Iceberg that he'll get him for this, but Iceberg taunts LarryBoy that he can't even get out of his car, though LarryBoy tells him that his Larrymobile comes equipped with a special crime-fighting feature made especially for situations like this, which is a canopy. LarryBoy pops open the canopy of his Larrymobile and steps out onto the ice, but Iceberg tells him not so fast, before calling out for Avalanche, Frostbite, and Snowflake, who then jump out of the van and zoom out on the ice while each wearing a jet skate and encircling around LarryBoy. LarryBoy taunts the three snow peas that he can take them on all at one with his arms tied behind his back, if he had arms. LarryBoy tries to approach Frostbite, but he ends up slipping on the ice and falls down, while Frostbite tells him, "Nice try". LarryBoy quickly leaps back up to a standing position, but ends up into a lying-down position, which LarryBoy thinks is embarrassing. Avalanche taunts LarryBoy that he can't catch them if he can't even stand up, but LarryBoy shoots one of his plunger ears at Avalanche as it sticks to his back, while LarryBoy asks him, "Who's laughing now?"

However, Avalanche zooms away from LarryBoy, while LarryBoy still has his plunger ear attached to Avalanche, which causes LarryBoy to get pulled along the ice, as he thinks to himself that this isn't exactly what he had in mind. Avalanche then tells Frostbite and Snowflake that it's time to play whiplash, just as Frostbite and Snowflake glide over to Avalanche and hook themselves together as they zoom across the ice with LarryBoy in tow. The snow peas come to a sudden stop while LarryBoy continues sliding past them until crashing into the wall of the Bumblyburg Library, before sliding down the wall in a daze. Snowflake quips that that was fun, while Avalanche says that they should do it again, which Frostbite agrees with. The three snow peas take off at high speed again with LarryBoy getting pulled along behind them again. Officer Olaf yells out to LarryBoy to release the plunger, which LarryBoy does, but it's too late because the snow peas have already stopped so LarryBoy ends up still sliding until running into Iceberg's van. Iceberg sinisterly greets LarryBoy, telling him that it's so nice for him to drop by, telling him that he doesn't look so good, further adding that he was afraid that LarryBoy would spoil his plans. Iceberg then decides to take LarryBoy with him to make sure that he doesn't try to ruin his plans, slamming the door shut, while Avalanche zooms into the driver's seat of the van, before the van zooms across the ice, which causes Officer Olaf to realize that the van is actually a rocket sled in disguise. Frostbite teasingly tells Officer Olaf "Nice detective work", telling him that he hoped he learned something, which Officer Olaf is confused about, before Frosbite tells him that they control Bumblyburg now, before he and Snowflake skate away laughing. Officer Olaf says that that's not funny and that he knows LarryBoy, and that he'll find a way to escape and make them pay, before Officer Olaf adds that he at least thinks that LarryBoy will escape.

Fun Facts[]


  • Morse code is a method of transmitting text information as a series of on-off tones, lights, or clicks that can be directly understood by a skilled listener or observer without special equipment. It is named for Samuel F. B. Morse, the inventor of the telegraph.
  • Pig Latin is a made-up language formed from English by transferring the initial consonant or consonant cluster of each word to the end of the word and adding a vocalic syllable.