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LarryBoy and the Foolish Fig from Faraway

Aaron Linne

Illustrated by

Cory Jones


May 1, 2016

LarryBoy and the Foolish Fig from Faraway is the third story in VeggieTales Super Comics Volume Six. It features a lesson in making good choices.


Get ready for all the zaniness and fun you've come to expect from VeggieTales—in a new comic-style format that's perfect for early readers! In LarryBoy and the Foolish Fig from Faraway you'll laugh while you learn a lesson about making good choices with Bob and Larry and all your VeggieTales friends.


Junior's Dad is taking Junior, Lenny, Laura, Percy Pea, and Li'l Pea to Fairville, an amusement park, but before he does, he talks about making good choices with them, and Junior and his friends want to ride the Souper Duper Looper. Later, they get to the park, but when they get there, a certain fig called the Foolish Fig has tied up the manager, and he tells Junior and the others that they're too short for the ride, unless they can sneak on it. Later, Junior sees a dunk tank, but the line is too long. The Foolish Fig appears again, and he encourages Junior to cut in line, but Junior refuses. However, Laura, Lenny, and the others aren't so resistant, and the fig soon encourages them to spend all the money they want on food, fun and games and make bad choices. Junior and his friends soon relent, and they soon start cutting in line, spending impulsively, eating too much corn dogs, and disobeying the rules of fairground games. Larry-boy soon gets a message from Archibald Asparagus that the Foolish Fig is causing people to make bad choices, and Larry-boy heads straight towards the Larry-copter. Later, the Foolish Fig lets Junior and the others onto the Souper Duper Looper through a back door, and he lets them onto the roller coaster. Junior and the others have so much fun, but the Foolish Fig has other ideas. He intends to make everyone ride the roller coaster again and again, since one bad choice leads to another, and another! Larry-boy then arrives and tries to admonish the Foolish Fig for making people make bad choices and challenges him to a dunk tank contest. The fig agrees and stops the ride. At the dunk tank contest, the Foolish Fig decides to throw first, but Larry-boy catches the ball with his super-suction ears and throw it back, causing the Foolish Fig to fall into the Dunk Tank and be defeated. Junior and his friends learn their lesson.

Bible Verse[]

"Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and discipline." -Proverbs 1:7

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