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|image = [[File:VeggieTunes1998.png|250px]]
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|episode name = Veggie Tunes
*'''Species''': Rockhopper Penguin
|director =
|producer =
|writer =
|music = [[Kurt Heinecke]]
|distributor =
|release date = 1995, 1998,
|runtime =
|timeline =
|previous episode =
|next episode =
'''Zidgel''' is the captain of the Rockhopper's crew for [[the Federation]].
'''VeggieTunes''' is the first album of the VeggieTunes series. It contained songs from [[VeggieTales]].
*[[VeggieTales Theme Song]]
Zidgel is Keyboardest for the Penguins. He was voted 'Most Likely to become an Elvis Impersonator' by his class at the Academy. Zidgel took up the piano because he knew he could always check his appearance in it's shiny black mirror-like finish.
*[[God Is Bigger]]
*[[The Water Buffalo Song |The Water Buffalo Song ]]
Zidgel's keyboard training started when he found an ad for a piano correspondence course on his jar of Jerry Lee Lewis Rock 'N Roll Hair Parmade.
*[[Fear Not, Daniel]]
*[[We Are The Grapes Of Wrath]]
==Personality ==
*[[The Hairbrush Song]]
Zidgel is some-what idiotic and is always obsessed with his appearance. Zidgel is shown to act brave for the camera, but be a chicken on the inside. Zidgel is the one who most of the aliens look up to for help, not knowing that this particular alien penguin has not merely got a clue on what is going on. Still, he has made various contributions and laughs towards the crew.
According to his voice actor Ron Wells, he is somewhat a mix of Ted Baxter and Captain Kirk.
The only person who will show anger or come-backs towards Zidgel is Midgel.
Zidgel is a Rockhopper penguin. His costume is a orange suit with brown gloves and shoulder pads, and the emblem Z.
During his retirement, he wears a similar suit to his old one, but blue.
==Episode appearances==
Zidgel appeared in every episode of [[3-2-1 Penguins!]]
==Voice Actors==
*[[Ron Wells]] (''first season only'')
*[[John Payne]] (''second season onwards'')
*In early concept art, Zidgel's costume was blue. While this never passed for Zidgel in the final version of the show, this eventually became his retirement suit.
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Veggie Tunes
Music by

Kurt Heinecke


1995, 1998,

VeggieTunes is the first album of the VeggieTunes series. It contained songs from VeggieTales.


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