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LarryBoy and the Cape-Coat Caper

Guy Vasilovich


Vincent Aniceto
Eric Newman


Adam Beechen

Music by

Michael Demus


November 23, 2020


23 minutes

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LarryBoy and the Cape-Coat Caper is the eleventh episode and the first Larry-Boy episode of The VeggieTales Show, which teaches a lesson in telling the truth.


When LarryBoy’s biggest super-fan, Callie Flower, accidentally wrecks the LarryMobile, she makes a not-so-good choice & lies, making up a story about how the accident happened. Callie’s lie causes trouble for LarryBoy & the residents of Bumblyburg lose faith in their superhero. Callie sees the hurt she has caused and tells the truth about the accident. Callie learns a valuable lesson straight from God’s word: always tell the truth!


Fun Facts



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Nintega Dario's fan art used in the episode.

  • This is the third LarryBoy-centric episode to be based on telling the truth. The first two were Larry-Boy! and the Fib from Outer Space! and The Missing Jetpack, respectively.
  • A few of the newly-introduced characters recycle character models from previously established characters:
    • Scallini is a re-colored version of Scallion #1.
    • Adele Pepper reuses Mirabelle's character model without any noticeable changes.
  • The episode uses the typical theme song for the series, which is set in Mr. Nezzer's theater. However, this episode takes place outside the theater.
  • On the theater poster for "The Sound of Mushroom", Laura Carrot is seen in her original design, most particularly her Princess Poppyseed outfit from Princess and the Popstar and Lenny and the Lost Birthday.
  • As Alfred calls Callie in the LarryMobile, his image displayed shows his monocle on his left eye, when in the episode it's resting on his right eye.
  • In Callie's bedroom, some of the posters are just covers of previous LarryBoy episodes without the text.
    • Also, one of the posters of LarryBoy displayed in her room is fan art by Nicolas Granola (nicknamed Nintega Dario online). Whether or not this was a mistake by the crew of the episode has yet to be confirmed. (see image)
  • The same recording of Callie screaming, "My camera!" is used twice.


  • Like many episodes released previously, there are shots where characters' noses are misplaced, floating beneath their eyes.
  • On a billboard in Callie Flower's bedroom, certain stick-it notes with text are shown in reverse.
  • There are a few mistakes made in the credits:
    • They state that Mayor Blueberry makes an appearance in the episode, however, her character does not appear, although she is mentioned by LarryBoy.
    • They also mistakenly credit Miss Minchin as Miss Achmetha.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • As Laura and Callie exit a movie theater, behind them are posters for films titled "Peas" and "The Sound of Mushroom", parodies of the films Grease and The Sound of Music, respectively.
  • Callie Flower talks into a device named Eugenia, a parody of the virtual assistant Alexa, found in many products by Amazon.

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