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LarryBoy and the Bad Apple

Tim Hodge


David Pitts


Richard Liebmann-Smith
Mike Nawrocki

Music by

Kurt Heinecke


July 29, 2006


45 minutes

LarryBoy and the Bad Apple is the 29th episode of VeggieTales and the third Larry-Boy episode.


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Fun Facts


  • Originally, the statue had a pitchfork.


  • Dan Anderson wasn't credited for voicing Dad Asparagus. Though it might be possible was a reused line from another episode (See Inside References)

Inside References

  • Mentioned events from Fib from Outer Space and Rumor Weed are spoken of in the countertop.
  • Dad's line was was originally from An Easter Carol.

Real World References

  • Because many elements were used from Sam Rani's Spider-Man films, a lot of references were here, including:
    • Larry-Boy using his plunger-ears to swing across the city, similar to Spider-Man's websligning.
    • The way he saved the statue before the funhouse hits it is similar in the second film, where Spider-Man stops the subway from falling the end of the tracks.
  • The bitten pear logo on Jean Claude's laptop is a parody of Apple.