Rock Monster is a song for The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. The song focuses on the events where George, Sedgewick, and Elliot were on the Island of Walking Rocks and met the inhabiants there.

The song is also a parody of the B-52's "Rock Lobster".


We Landed On The Beach We Were Looking For The Clapping Past Something Came Up Behind Us It Was A Rock Monster

Rock Monster (2x)

We Were On The Beach I Was Running From Eva Cheese They Were Trying To Eat Me Up But They Ran Into A Rock But It Wasn't A Rock It Was A Rock Monster

Rock Monster (Rock Monster) (2x)

It Tossed Us In The Ocean In My Pirate Thingy Here He Comes He's On The Run Party People Here Comes A Cannonball

Rock, Rock Rock Monster (Monster, Rock Monster) (Monster, Rock Monster) (Monster, Rock Monster) (Monster, Rock Monster) (Oh Rock, Oh Rock, Oh Rock) Bob: CUT!!!

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