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This is the episode transcript for LarryBoy and the Angry Eyebrows.


(We fade in to Bumblyburg Park, as a carrot family is enjoying their picnic)

Narrator: A beautiful day in the city of Bumblyburg. The perfect day for rest and relaxation. Or is it?

Carrot Lady: (screams) It's a Cheese-Breathing Cow-Dragon!

(The camera pans to the Cow-Dragon)

Cow-Dragon: Moooooo!

(The Cow-Dragon shoots cheese, as the carrot lady runs off with her kids)

Narrator: Oh no, what we need is a hero of some sort!

(The Cow-Dragon eats the carrot lady's picnic, as LarryBoy swings into the scene of the crime)

LarryBoy: I! Am! That! Hero! Halt, Cow-Dragon! Cease your cheesy assault on the good citizens of Bumblyburg!

(The Cow-Dragon shoots cheese at LarryBoy, then continues eating. LarryBoy is stuck in a giant pile of cheese)

LarryBoy: Archie, I've been cheesed!

Archie: Don't worry, LarryBoy. Just activate the radar-guided spatula on your utility belt.

(LarryBoy gets up from the pile of cheese)

LarryBoy: Wow. I never thought I'd need a radar-guided spatula.

(A giant, mechanical spatula is released from LarryBoy's belt)

LarryBoy: Alright, Cow-Dragon, show me your worst.

Cow-Dragon: Mooo!

(The Cow-Dragon shoots cheese, as LarryBoy deflects it with the spatula)

Guy 1: Let's get out of here!

Guy 2: Use the cow voice!

Cow-Dragon: Moooooooo!

LarryBoy: Not so fast, you bovine baddie!

(As the Cow-Dragon attempts to escape, LarryBoy shoots his plunger at the Cow-Dragon, which tears it apart. It turns out to actually be a costume worn by two eggplants named Herbert and Wally)

Wally: Uh-oh!

LarryBoy: (gasps) It was just a costume!

Officer Olaf: Herbert and Wally, how could you?

Herbert: Well, we were really hungry!

LarryBoy: Well, why didn't you just eat the cheese instead of shooting it at people?

Herbert: Oh, man!

Wally: We should've thought of that!

Officer Olaf: Thanks for your help, LarryBoy!

(Officer Olaf takes Herbert and Wally away, scene cuts to LarryBoy in the sunset, with his cape blowing in the wind)

LarryBoy: Glad to be of service, and remember, God wants us to be nice to people! (the scene zooms out to reveal LarryBoy standing on a mountain)

Narrator: So, once again, LarryBoy has saved the day!

(We fade to the statue of Lester Bumbly, as the head turns around, and the monocle ejects a microscope)

Narrator: But what's this? A secret hidden camera? Could it be that these proceedings were being observed by some, villainous proprietor of badness?

(We pan underground, revealing a secret hideaway of a mysterious villain)

Awful Alvin: Just you wait, LarryBoy. Soon I will rule Bumblyburg! Me, Awful Alvin!

(Awful Alvin laughs as lightning flashes behind him)

Awful Alvin: Oh, and my dastardly henchman...

(Awful Alvin dashes offscreen and comes back with a lamp, a crudely drawn face laying upon the shade)

Awful Alvin: ...Lampy! (laughing) Now, we shall do the Villainous Dance of Villainy, to signify the imminent performance of our villainous duties!

(Synth music plays as Awful Alvin dances. Cricket chirps when Lampy doesn't dance)

Awful Alvin: Dance with me Lampy!

(Awful Alvin dances with Lampy, as the scene fades to the Daily Bumble)

Narrator: Later that day, the staff of the Daily Bumble meets in Editor Bob the Tomato's office to discuss the headline for tomorrow's paper.

(We fade to Bob's office, as he, Junior Asparagus, Vicki Cucumber, and Larry (who is working as a janitor) are in a meeting)

Vicki: I think the lead story should be LarryBoy defeating the Cow-Dragon.

Larry: Yeah, that's a great idea!

Bob: I don't know, Vicki. We've put LarryBoy on the front page a lot lately. Does anyone have any other ideas?

Junior: I got one! It's about a local inventor and her new invention!

(Junior opens the door as Ma Mushroom brings her invention in Bob's office.)

Bob: Wow! What does it do?

Ma Mushroom: Why, honey, the Knitmaster 3000 is a wonder! It recycles the hair that collects in your bathtub drain.

(Ma Mushroom hops on Bob's desk, and pulls out a giant bag of wet hair.)

Vicki and Bob: Ew.

Larry: Oooh!

(The bag is put in the Knitmaster 3000, and it comes out the other side of the machine as a green night cap)

Ma Mushroom: Ta-da! A freshly knitted night cap!

Bob: Junior, we can't put this on the front page.

Junior and Ma Mushroom: Why not?

Bob: Because most of the citizens of Bumblyburg never get any hair in their drains, because most of them don't have any hair!

Vicki: Besides, it's kind of...icky.

Bob: Okay, we'll go with the LarryBoy story.

Larry: Yay!

Bob: Larry, get back to your cleaning!

(Larry leaves the office with a smile on his face)

Bob: I don't know what it is about that LarryBoy, but he really reminds me of someone. I just can't figure out who.

(Bob looks at a picture of LarryBoy, as Larry is cleaning right next to the picture. Suddenly, Larry's mop starts beeping)

Vicki: What's that beeping?

Larry: Nothing! just remembered, I gotta go..... janitorize something.

(Larry quickly dashes into the broom closet, then puts the mop on his head)

Larry: This is Larry. Come in, Archie.

(We cut to Larry's point of view, as a screen turns on inside the mop, revealing Archibald Asparagus)

Archie: Greetings, Master Larry.

Larry: Archie, I'm tired of being a janitor. I'm a millionaire superhero, for Pete's sake!

Archie: Master Larry, we've been over this. Working at the Daily Bumble helps keep your finger of the pulse of Bumblyburg!

Larry: Well, yeah, but why janitor?

Archie: Well, it was the only job you were qualified for.

Larry: Oh...

Archie: That's the spirit! Now, I called to remind you that tonight is the night of your superhero class at the Bumblyburg Community College. You don't want to be late again.

Larry: Ooh, you're right! I better get going.

Archie: You know, you could take the secret Pneumatic Larry-Tube to the Larry-Cave.

Larry: NO!! No-I mean, that's okay. A nice walk would do me some good.

(We cut to outside, as Ma Mushroom is pushing the Knitmaster 3000 into the broom closet. As he's leaving, Larry crashes into the Knitmaster, which turns over and breaks)

Larry: (gulps)

Ma Mushroom: Why, look at my Knitmaster 3000! YOU BROKE IT, YOU KLUTZY CUCUMBER!!!!!

Larry: I'm sorry, ma'am. It was an accident.


(Ma Mushroom pushes herself in Larry's face)

Larry: I can have my butler-um...this guy I know can fix it. He's really good at fixing stuff, he'll fix it good as new.

Ma Mushroom: Darling, let me tell you something, there better not be a scratch on it! OR ELSE!!!!!

(Larry pushes the broken Knitmaster 3000 to the elevator)

Larry: Looks like I'm gonna be late for superhero class again...

(We then fade to Awful Alvin's hideout, as he's standing next to a large, covered up cage)

Awful Alvin: Now, Lampy, it is time to exact my awful plan on LarryBoy and his precious Bumblyburg! (laughs)

(Lampy remains silent)

Awful Alvin: You're not laughing. Perhaps this is because you do not fully understand my awful plan! Watch, and I will show you! Witness my Angry Eyebrows!

(Awful Alvin removes the sheet, revealing dozens of flying, bird-like hairy eyebrows with tiny red eyes. Awful Alvin takes one out of the cage)

Awful Alvin: If someone holds on to their anger, refusing to let go of it, my eyebrows can attach to their forehead! And once they do, that someone will be doomed to hold on to their anger FOREVER!!!!

(Awful Alvin laughs and pulls a string to let the Angry Eyebrows free)

Awful Alvin: Fly, my bushy minions! Fly and seek out anger! (laughs)

(The eyebrows fly all over Bumblyburg. We then fade to the Bumblyburg Community College)

Narrator: By the time Larry took the Knitmaster to Archibald for repairs, he was running very late for Bok Choy's superhero class.

(We then fade to Bok Choy's classroom, as he is teaching a class full of superheroes)

Bok Choy: Superheroes should not hold on to their anger.

(LarryBoy dashes into the room and crashes into a wastebasket)

LarryBoy: Sorry.

Bok Choy: (angry) LarryBoy, this is the fourth time you've been late!! (calms down) But as you can see, I'm letting go of my anger. Take your seat, please.

(LarryBoy sits down next to a tomato superhero)

LarryBoy: I'm LarryBoy, from Bumblyburg.

Scarlet Tomato: I'm the Scarlet Tomato, from Puggslyville.

LarryBoy: The Scarlet Tomato? Isn't that, um... redundant?

Scarlet Tomato: What do you mean?

LarryBoy: Well, Scarlet, Tomato...Red, Tomato. Most tomatoes are red, it's redundant. Now the Green Hornet! That works, y'see, 'cause, well, most hornets aren't green.

Scarlet Tomato: I am not a hornet.

Bok Choy: Once, I was captured by the Ninja Gang, and they were going to spritz me with a lite olive oil dressing. Not my favorite. Did I hold on to my anger? No!

LarryBoy: Uh, got any superpowers?

Scarlet Tomato: Oh, yeah! I got..I got two great ones. I can fly, and I can defy gravity!

LarryBoy: Isn't that...redundant?

Scarlet Tomato: What?

(LarryBoy, confused, decided to instead direct his attention towards Bok Choy's teachings)

Bok Choy: Any questions?

(We cut to a giant, Hulk-like watermelon named Electro-Melon. His electric powers shock the superheroes around him.)

Electro-Melon: But Bok, sometimes, Electro-Melon get real angry!

Bok Choy: We all do. It is not wrong to get angry, Electro-Melon, but you should not hold on to your anger. You have to let it go.

Electro-Melon: But, Electro-Melon become Electro-Melon when angry! (growls)

(Bok Choy comes up to Electro-Melon on a hovercraft)

Bok Choy: No, Electro-Melon must let go of his anger.

Electro-Melon: Okay, Electro-Melon try what Bok Choy says.

(Electro-Melon calms himself down, which results in him turning into a small string bean named Ed Blinkenderfer)

Ed: Eep! Thanks.

Bok Choy: Hug time!

(Bok Choy hugs him, then hovers back to his desk)

Bok Choy: This guideline is in section 49, chapter 4, line 26 of the Superhero Handbook. It is written, "Do not let the sun go down on your anger". Be warned, young ones. If you hold on to your anger, your anger will hold on to you.

(We then fade to the next morning, as Ma Mushroom walks out of a hotel)

Narrator: The next morning is a beautiful new day in Bumblyburg! But some of the citizens don't even notice, for they've spent the night stewing in their anger.

Ma Mushroom: Oh, what a frightful night! I couldn't stop thinking about that crazy cucumber that broke my invention!

(We then cut to the angry eyebrows flying in the sky. One of the eyebrows sees Ma Mushroom, and lands on her forehead.)

Ma Mushroom: Oooh!! I'm gonna find that janitor and give him what for!!!

(Ma Mushroom dashes towards the Daily Bumble. We then cut to the carrot lady from the beginning looking out her window)

Carrot Lady: I can't believe Gladys spilled juice on my new tablecloth last night!

(An eyebrow lands on her forehead)

Carrot Lady: (growls) I think I'll go spill juice on her tablecloth! (growls)

(We then cut to Chief Croswell)

Chief Croswell: I am angry!

(An eyebrow lands on his forehead)

Chief Croswell: Now, I'm even more angry! (growls)

(The eyebrows start landing on everybody's foreheads, as Awful Alvin and Lampy observe from the rooftop of the Daily Bumble)

Awful Alvin: My plan is working perfectly! Here Lampy, you want a look?

(As Awful Alvin hands his telescope to Lampy, we fade to Bob's office just a floor below)

Vicki: Bob, I just got hot tip! My sources say people are committing random acts of angriness all over the city!

Bob: (gasps) Oh no, that's terrible...Unless you're an editor that needs a good front page story!

(Larry pushes the now-fixed Knitmaster into Bob's office)

Bob: Larry, what's that thing doing back here?

Larry: Oh, well, I had it fixed, so I need to call Ma Mushroom and have her come pick it up.

Bob: You can't keep it here! It's in the way! We've got work to do!

Larry: Aw, peanut brittle..

(Larry pulls the Knitmaster away. We then cut back to the rooftop, as Awful Alvin is still observing the angriness. He then hears the elevator dinging, and dashes behind the giant bumblebee logo)

Awful Alvin: Lampy, come on!

(Lampy remains still and silent, as Larry brings the Knitmaster to the roof.)

Larry: This should be safe here. No one ever comes up here. Oh, hi Lampy. LAMPY!!

(Larry looks around)

Larry: That must mean...I gotta talk to Archibald!

(Larry dashes into the elevator, as we cut back to Bob's office)

Vicki: And according to my source, everyone committing these acts of angriness has big black angry eyebrows!

Bob: You mean, like those?

(Ma Mushroom walks in with her eyebrows, as she growls in Bob's face)

Ma Mushroom: (growls) Where is that cucumber janitor!?!!?!

(Larry hops out of the elevator)

Bob: Oh, there he is.

Ma Mushroom: Aha! I'll get you for destroying my Knitmaster!!!

Larry: No! Wait! It's all fixed! Wait! Help! HEEELP!!!!!!

(Larry runs into the broom closet. He comes out wearing his mop on his head, a pair of sunglasses, and a plunger on his nose)

Ma Mushroom: Where'd that cucumber go?

Larry (nasally): He went in there.

(Ma Mushroom walks into the closet, as Larry shuts the door)

Ma Mushroom: Hey! You let me outta here before I start getting ANGRY!!!!!

Vicki: This eyebrow thing is worse than I thought.

(Larry's mop starts beeping)

Bob: There's that beeping again, it's driving me nuts!

Larry: Um, that's my tea in the microwave. I'll get it!

(Larry dashes into the bathroom, leaving the sunglasses and plunger behind. Because he already has the mop on his head, he goes into a stall and lowers the mop over his face. Archie's video feed pops up again)

Archie: Master Larry, Bumblyburg needs LarryBoy's help. Citizens all over town are hanging onto their anger, and as we both know, God wants us to let go of our anger!

Larry: I heard. And I have something else to tell you, I saw Lampy!

Archie: Lampy?! You mean Awful Alvin's sidekick? Then Alvin must be behind all those angry eyebrows!

Larry: Alright, I'll hop back to the mansion to change to LarryBoy.

Archie: There's no time! You have to use the Secret Pneumatic Larry-Tube!

Larry: Oh, alright.

(Larry hops out of the stall. We then fade to Larry walking in the offices, as he checks to make sure no one's around. He then pushes a button on one of the cabinets, which backs up to reveal a tunnel)

Larry: (whispering) Bumblyburg, I do this because I am that Hero!

(Larry hops in the tunnel, and zips through the Larry-Tube, screaming all the way. He finally crashes into the Larry-Cave, right next to Archie)

Archie: It seems that the eyebrows are what's making everyone mad. So I've added a new anti-eyebrow attachment to your utility belt.

Larry: I really hate that tube...

(We then fade to Bumblyburg park, as everyone is angrily fighting each other. Vicki, Junior, and Bob are fighting each other with ketchup and mustard. Just then, LarryBoy arrives)

Narrator: And so, LarryBoy rushed to try and remove the eyebrows that were causing all the anger.

LarryBoy: Citizens of Bumblyburg, I've come to remove your angry eyebrows! Who wants to go first?

Carrot Lady: Leave us alone, we're busy being angry!

LarryBoy: This will only take a sec-

(The citizens throw ice cream and squirt mustard at LarryBoy)

LarryBoy: Okay, I wanted to do this the easy way, but I can see I'm gonna have to play rough! Anti-eyebrows thingy activate!

(A pair of tweezers pop out off LarryBoy's belt, and attempt to pull off the carrot lady's eyebrows with no luck. LarryBoy then notices Awful Alvin and Lampy on a hovercraft)

Awful Alvin: You incompetent cucumber!

LarryBoy: Awful Alvin!

Awful Alvin: And Lampy!

LarryBoy: Hi, Lampy!

Awful Alvin: Don't speak all friendly-like to Lampy! He's devoted only to me, and despises all friendliness! You'll never remove my angry eyebrows with your useless gadgets! As long as the citizens of Bumblyburg hold on to their anger, my angry eyebrows stay put! (laughs) You are finished, LarryBoy!

LarryBoy: I'm not scared of you!

(An enormous eyebrow emerges)

LarryBoy: I'm scared of that, though..

(LarryBoy attempts to run away, but the eyebrow catches him, and puts him on Awful Alvin's hovercraft)

LarryBoy: Drat.

Awful Alvin: And now, LarryBoy, I will stick my angry eyebrows to you, just like everyone else! And you too will be stuck to your anger!

LarryBoy: But I'm not holding onto anger.

Awful Alvin: Oh really? Not even a little?

LarryBoy: Nope.

Awful Alvin: Well, would you hold onto your anger if I stuffed this popsicle down the back of your supersuit?

(Awful Alvin stuffs a popsicle down LarryBoy's back, causing him to shiver)

LarryBoy: Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! That's cold!

Awful Alvin: Or would you hold onto your anger if I blew this trumpet in your ear?

(Awful Alvin blows his trumpet in LarryBoy's ear, causing him to shake.)

LarryBoy: Well, that was...pretty annoying, but I'll let the anger go.

Awful Alvin: Or what if I had my angry eyebrows fill your LarryMobile with chocolate syrup?!

(The giant eyebrow is shown holding an ice cream truck over the LarryMobile, causing it to fill up with said topping)

LarryBoy: Hey, that's gonna ruin the leather! Oh, I don't know if I'll ever let that one go!!

(An eyebrow attaches to LarryBoy's forehead as he growls in gibberish spastically)

Awful Alvin: (laughs) Now, I have defeated even LarryBoy! My revenge is complete, LarryBoy held captive by his own anger!

LarryBoy: Huh?

(The word "anger" echoes in LarryBoy's head, as he starts having flashbacks to Bok Choy and Archie talking about anger)

Bok Choy: (flashback) If you hold on to your anger, your anger will hold on to you.

Archie: (flashback) God wants us to let go of our anger!

LarryBoy: Must..let..go..of..anger!!

(LarryBoy desperately tries to get rid of the eyebrows)

LarryBoy: Awful Alvin, sometime you do really bad things that make me really, really mad! But if I hold onto my anger, it'll only make me do things that I know I shouldn't do. So...I'm not gonna stay mad at you.

(The eyebrows pop off LarryBoy's forehead and fly away)

Awful Alvin: What?! Y-you can't do that!

(We pan to the citizens, as the see what LarryBoy has done)

Junior: Hey, look what LarryBoy did!

Vicki: He let go of his anger, and look how happy he looks!

Junior: LarryBoy's right. I wouldn't be squirting mustard on Bob if I weren't holding on to my anger.

Bob: Yeah. Sure I get mad sometime, but I need to learn to let it go.

(All the citizens let go of their anger, causing the eyebrows to fly away)

Archie: (through ear-phone) Oh, good show, Master Larry! I've been following your progress.

LarryBoy: Looks like you've been defeated by the forces of good once again, Awful Alvin!

Awful Alvin: You may have ruined my awful plan, but I can still command my angry eyebrows to destroy LarryBoy!

LarryBoy: What? Hey, I'm LarryBoy!

Awful Alvin: Attack, my precious eyebrows! Attack LarryBoy!

(All the eyebrows follow LarryBoy, as he runs towards the Daily Bumble, and swings himself to the rooftop)

LarryBoy: Okay, angry eyebrows, come and get me!

Archie: (through ear-phone) LarryBoy, what are you doing?!

LarryBoy: Don't worry, Archibald, I have a plan!

Archie: (through ear-phone) You?

(LarryBoy takes off his cape and starts waving it like a muleta)

LarryBoy: Toro, toro!

(The eyebrows fly towards the cape, as LarryBoy pulls it out of the way)

LarryBoy: Olé!

(The eyebrows turn around and fly towards LarryBoy again)

LarryBoy: Toro! (pulls cape out of the way) Olé!

Awful Alvin: Enough of this foolish fooling around! Finish him off, my furious, furry...uh...eyebrows!

LarryBoy: Toro, toro!

(The eyebrows fly towards LarryBoy again. When LarryBoy pulls his cape away, however, the eyebrows fly into the Knitmaster 3000, causing it to sputter and shake. Awful Alvin rushes to the rooftop)

Awful Alvin: My beautiful eyebrows!

(A giant, black nightcap emerges from the Knitmaster)

Awful Alvin: LarryBoy, you did this!

LarryBoy: I know.

Awful Alvin: I'll get you for this, I'll always be angry about this one!!

(The nightcap jumps in the air, and heads towards Awful Alvin)

Awful Alvin: No, not me! Not me!! Ohohohoho!! Aaah-

(The nightcap engulfs him, muffling his screams)

LarryBoy: Hmm, the nightcap must still be attracted to anger.

(We fade to Officer Olaf and Chief Croswell tossing Awful Alvin, who is still in the nightcap, into a police truck. They drive away as LarryBoy strikes a heroic pose)

Narrator: And so, with Awful Alvin defeated by Bumblyburg's own LarryBoy, the citizens have been released from their angry eyebrows! Well, all but one...

(We then fade to the Daily Bumble, as Ma Mushroom is still banging on the broom closet's door. Larry, Vicki, Junior, and Bob are waiting outside)

Ma Mushroom: You let me out this instant!!

Larry: Couldn't we just leave her in there?

(Bob and Junior shake their heads, as Larry opens the broom closet)

Ma Mushroom: I am so angry! When I get through with you, you're gonna wish you never fell off the vine!

(Everyone moves out of the way to reveal the fixed Knitmaster 3000)

Larry: I had your invention fixed, just like I promised.

Ma Mushroom: You did?...Yeah, but you still broke it, so I'm gonna-

(Vicki puts a medal around her neck)

Ma Mushroom: Why, darling, what's this?

Larry: It's a medal.

Vicki: The mayor awarded you this medal for inventing the Knitmaster 3000.

Junior: Which helped LarryBoy save the city!

Vicki: You're a hero!

Ma Mushroom: A hero? Why, little ol' me? A hero...

(The eyebrows pop off her forehead and fly out the window. Everyone hops away while Larry strikes a heroic pose)

Narrator: Once again, everything in Bumblyburg returned to normal, thanks to the Cucumber of Steel!

Larry: (whispering) That's me.

(We then fade to Bob's autographed picture of LarryBoy, then we fade to black)

(End of transcript)