The Countertop is the main setting for VeggieTales, and mostly the main stage for the Silly Songs.

This is where Bob and Larry read their letters and emails from kids who have problems. Larry once fell in the sink when he wasn't paying attention to where he was going. Bob rescued him, but got stuck as well.

The Countertop got slightly remodeled in 2010 when Larry asked the crew of Extreme Re-do: Crying Edition to help fix the place up while Bob was in vacation.

Items and other surroundings

The Countertop has consists of:

  • Qwerty, the desktop computer
  • Canisters
  • Throw pillows
  • A sink
  • Cabinetry

The other side of the kitchen can be seen in the background in earlier episodes, including a refrigerator. A toaster was also mention a few times.


The Countertop has light blue walls with yellow and pink titles. Prior to its' resigned, the wall used to be light yellow.

Fun Facts

  • The canisters were originally designed symmetrically, until King George and the Ducky where they're now designed more cartoony.
  • The sink was originally placed in-between the canisters and Qwerty. However, it was moved towards the edge after the series switch to Maya.
  • The throw pillows were removed after the kitchen's initial redesign.
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