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LarryBoy Super Hero Power Pack
Directed by

Phil Vischer
Chris Olsen
Larry Whitaker
Tim Hodge

Produced by

Chris Olsen
Jon Gadsby
Jeff Holder
Jason VanBorssum
Greg Chalekian
David Pitts

Written by

Phil Vischer
Doug Peterson
Kent Redeker
Brian Roberts
Sean Gaffney
Tod Carter
Bob Miller
Larry Whitaker
Sean Roche
Richard Liebmann-Smith
Mike Nawrocki

Music by

Kurt Heinecke
Phil Vischer
Christopher Davis


October 13th, 2012

LarryBoy Super Hero Power Pack is a collection of seven LarryBoy stories plus the 2006 LarryBoy soundtrack CD. This was released in 2012, and made to promote "The League of Incredible Vegetables".

Both DVD discs were later used in the LarryBoy Ultimate Super Hero Collection in 2019.


Disc 1[]


Disc 2[]

LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures:

Fun Facts[]




  • Despite what the back cover claims, there are no widescreen versions included, as all the episodes were made in a 4:3 aspect ratio.


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