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|image = [[File:TroubleonPlanetWaitYourTurn.png|250px]]
|episode name = Trouble on <br/>Planet Wait-Your-Turn
|director = [[Ron Smith]]
|producer = [[Jon Gadsby]]
|writer =
|music = [[Kurt Heinecke]]
|distributor =
|release date = 2000
|runtime = 33 minutes
|timeline =
|previous episode =
|next episode = [[The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka|The Cheating Scales<br/> of Bullamanka]]
'''Trouble on Planet Wait-Your-Turn''' is the first episode of the first season for [[3-2-1 Penguins!]]
*[[Grandmum's Cottage]]
*This is the only episode of the series where there's no title card.
*Various scenes from the episodes were cut up in the televised version of the episode and on the Complete Season One DVD, including from when Jason receives the Turbo 3000 till it was when they get up to the attic.
*Larry the Cucumber makes a cameo appearance as a vacuum cleaner.
*The controller for the Turbo 3000 is actually plugged in the second socket, and that's normally for the other player. So Jason wouldn't been able to play the game.
*Jason tells the inhabitants of Wait-Your-Turn about patience. Because the scenes of Jason and Michelle fighting was absent in the recut, it doesn't show Grandmum telling them about the lesson, so it doesn't explain how Jason learned the lesson.
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