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The Larry-Computer is a super computer used in the Larry-Cave. It is used to be in contact with Larry-Boy by either him, Alfred or Bob.

Larry Manor

Larry Manor Larry-Computer

The one in the Larry Manor is normally used by Alfred. This one is used mainly to contact Larry-Boy, though it's also used for various programs, like tracking radar and research.

There are multiple screens around the system. Alfred accidentally unplugged it when he was struggling to figure out how to stop Fib.

In LarryBoy and the Bad Apple, it was redesigned with a bigger screen.



LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures

Bob and Larry's House


The one in Bob and Larry's House is normally used by Larry-Boy himself, and like the Larry Manor one, it's used to contact others. Unlike the Larry Manor one, this only has one big screen with two on the right hand side.

It also has an artificial intelligence, which is used for both computer and LarryMobile.