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"Even if it's true, God doesn't want us to tell stories that can hurt, He wants us to spread nice words."
— Mike Asparagus
Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed
Directed by

Phil Vischer

Produced by

Jon Gadsby

Written by

Phil Vischer
Doug Peterson (story)

Music by

Kurt Heinecke

Distributed by

Word Entertainment


July 24th, 1999
July 27th, 1999


35 minutes

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The End of Silliness?

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and the Ducky

Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed is the second VeggieTales special (as the twelfth episode of the show), and the second Larry-Boy episode. It is the sequel to Larry-Boy! and the Fib from Outer Space!.


Prologue of the Story

Percy Pea and Lil' Pea are leaving a movie theater and are cornered by a shady Scallion (Scallion #3, the "Milk Money Bandit") who asks them for a nickel. Percy refuses, but the Scallion then demands the money he is carrying for milk money. After stealing the money and escaping to the rooftops with his loot, Larry-Boy (Larry the Cucumber) confronts him and shakes the stolen money off of him before throwing him into Officer Scooter's patrol car. Soon afterwards, he begins reviewing his capture technique with his butler, Alfred (Archibald Asparagus), but in the process, accidentally knocks an unfinished plant off the ledge. The plant gets caught on some telephone wires on the way down, where a woman is gossiping on the phone, then falls into the sewers, where the gossip brings the plant to life.


The next morning, after Alfred finishes telling a story at a school, he tells the teacher and the kids that he needs to go home and "recharge his batteries" (meaning he needs to rest). Not knowing that it's a figure of speech, Junior Asparagus and Laura Carrot take it literally and jump to the conclusion that Alfred is a robot. As they walk home, discussing what they had heard Alfred say, they encounter a small talking weed. Similar weeds begin to appear throughout town, spreading the rumor. Larry and Alfred are tending to a garden when Alfred heads inside to answer the phone. Another weed appears and tries to spread the rumor, but Larry doesn't listen. Alfred then calls Larry in. Mayor Blueberry (Madame Blueberry) informs him that strange weeds are growing all over the city and spreading false rumors about Alfred. Suiting up as Larry-Boy, he dives into action.

Larry-Boy manages to find a weed and attempts to shred it with a weed whacker, which malfunctions. Back at the Larry-Cave, Alfred discovers that all the weeds are connected to a "Mother Weed" underground. Upon arriving in the sewer, Larry-Boy meets the Mother Weed and is quickly overpowered.

Meanwhile, Alfred arrives at the city hall to tell the mayor and the officer that Larry-Boy is in danger. However, Alfred learns the citizens are afraid of him, saying that he is a "killer robot with laser eyes." The Mother Weed soon emerges and snatches Alfred, carrying him to the top of the building.

Dad Asparagus arrives and asks what is going on. The Mother Weed confides she heard the story from "two very reliable sources." Junior and Laura confess that they took Alfred literally and started the rumor. Dad then explains to them that what Alfred said was actually a figure of speech, and that "God doesn't want us to tell stories that can hurt. He want us to spread nice words," in also saying they should ask if they hear such phrases in the future. Junior and Laura then begin to convince the citizens that Alfred isn't a robot, causing the Mother Weed to grow flowers until she turns into a giant flower. Alfred forgives the citizens for the misunderstanding just as a battered Larry-Boy drags himself out of the sewer.

Unaware of the preceding events, he almost accidentally starts the rumor again by saying someone told him Alfred was a robot (obviously the rumor weed). The citizens quickly shush him, leading him to ask if there's a flower show (having seen flowers on what was once the Rumor Weed). Everyone laughs as a flower floats out and lands on the screen.

Closing Segment (Back at the Larry-Cave)

In the final scene, Larry-Boy and Alfred enact their own What Have We Learned segment with the computer pulling up the verse:

""Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing,""
— Proverbs 12:18





  • Lenny Carrot
  • Barth
  • Renee Blueberry
  • Jacob Lewis
  • Jack
  • Chilli the Chili pepper
  • Pepe the Bell Pepper
  • Dr. Glocken
  • The Mushroom Family
  • Unnamed scallion men
  • Unnamed carrot men
  • Baseball Carrot
  • Unnamed cucumber men


Voice Cast



Other Languages

  • سوبر تيخة يحارب الشائعات (Arabic) (Super Tikha Fights the Rumors)
  • 力仔與謠言 (Cantonese) (Lizai and Rumors)
  • SuperLeon i Korov Tračalica (Croatian) (SuperLeon and the Gossip Weed)
  • Ihmelari ja Juorukki (Finnish) (Wonder Larry and the Gossip)
  • Ο Λάρι και η Φήμη-Ζιζάνιο/Ο Ντέιβ και η Φήμη-Ζιζάνιο (Greek) (same translation not counting name changes)
  • Unknown (Hungarian)
  • Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed (Indonesian) (same title)
  • 래리보이와 속닥속닥풀 (Korean) (Larry Boy and Whisper Whisper)
  • 小報超人與謠言雜草 (Mandarin) (Taiwan) (same translation not counting Larry-Boy's name change)
  • Supersnurk og rykteugresset/Rykteugresset (Norwegian) (same translation not counting Larry-Boy's name change/Rumor Weed)
  • لری بوی و علف شایعه پراکن (Persian) (Larry-Boy and the Gossip Grass)
  • Larry-Boy contra a Erva Daninha (Portuguese) (Brazil) (LarryBoy vs. the Weed)
  • Pepininho e a Erva Boato (Portuguese) (Portugal) (same translation not counting Larry-Boy's name change)
  • Čenčavi Pavel/Super L. in čenčavi pavel (Slovenian) (Rumor Weed/same translation not counting Larry-Boy's name change)
  • Larry-Boy y la Cizaña de los Rumores (Spanish) (Latin America) (same translation)
  • Larry-Boy Ve Dedikodu Otu (Turkish) (same translation)
  • Larry Boy và cỏ dại đồn xa (Vietnamese) (Larry Boy and the Distant Weeds)


The story concept was written by Doug Peterson, which at the time Phil Vischer was accepting ideas for future episodes when the studio was growing. Mike Nawrocki was a bit skeptical at the time, due to the fact the episode sounded similar to the first Larry-Boy episode (kids caused trouble from something that grew big). However, they eventually tweaked it to work it out. Phil at the time decided to push the limits on what they could do for the episode, since they were getting ready for their first feature film, and he originally considered this as the last half-hour episode they would work on.

Home media

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Trailer Appearances

Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed/Trailer Appearances

Fun Facts


  • If you hear something strange about somebody, talk to them or a trusted adult about it.
  • Spreading gossip can lead to ruining someone’s credibility and ultimately bring harm to others. Instead, spread uplifting and positive messages about other people.
  • God doesn’t want us to tell stories that can hurt, He wants us to spread nice words.


  • When the bandit tells LarryBoy he can't take him away, that'd mean only police officers have the right to take people away so even if you're someone else other than a Police officer like a superhero, that counts as kidnapping.
  • Grade School is what Elementary School is sometimes called in the United States.


  • This episode is notable for having a ton of promotion throughout 1999 and 2000.
  • This episode was originally going to be released in November 1998, but the release date was switched with The End of Silliness?'s when Big Idea determined that having more production time would make the episode better.
  • This is the first episode for several things:
    • The first episode not to use the Book Antiqua font for the end credits, and the only one of the 1990s episodes not to utilize such a thing.
    • The first Larry-Boy episode in which Madame Blueberry appears as Mayor of Bumblyburg.
    • The first episode where Marc Vulcano worked on.
    • The first episode to have Gail Freeman-Bock as part of the voice cast since Are You My Neighbor?
    • The first episode to be rendered in high quality during its original release.
    • The first episode to not feature Bob.
  • This is the last episode for several things:
    • The last episode to be rendered entirely in Softimage.
    • The last episode Bryan Moll worked on.
    • The last CGI Larry-Boy episode to be released on VHS, due to the general death of the VHS format in early 2006. However, the next LarryBoy episode in CGI did get a VHS screener release, but wasn't given a general release.
    • The last Larry-Boy episode to be animated by Big Idea.
    • The last Larry-Boy episode to be dubbed in Cantonese, European Portuguese, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Korean, Slovenian, Taiwanese Mandarin, and Vietnamese.
    • The last Larry-Boy episode Jon Gadsby, Joseph Sapulich, Aaron Hartline, Daniel López Muñoz, Luis Contreras, Mike Laubach, Adam Holmes, and Ken Greene worked on.
    • The last speaking appearance of Dad Carrot to be done at Big Idea.
    • The last VeggieTales episode of the 1990s.
    • The last VeggieTales episode in the 20th century.
    • The last appearance of Lenny Carrot and Wally P. Nezzer to date.
    • The last episode known to be rendered in low footage quality on its original release.
    • The last episode to be made at Clinton Street.
  • Mike Nawrocki states this in the commentary of the episode that one of the Veggie extras was modeled after John Wahba.
  • At the time of its release, this episode was the most-promoted out of all the other ones, having its trailer appear on tapes released as late as 2001.
  • The scene at the beginning of the episode involving Larry-Boy apprehending the Bandit was originally intended to be part of the previous Larry-Boy episode, but it was cut due to time.
  • The original teaser trailer for this episode features some of the characters' voices in a lower pitch due to it still being in development at the time. It was never released, however, on the basis of it being deemed too frightening for kids. It was eventually included as an Easter Egg on the DVD re-release and can be accessed through the main menu.
  • This episode is notable for featuring a very diverse crowd of Veggie extras for the climax. Due to how expensive and complex it made animating crowd scenes for the Big Idea team at the time, it was decided that simpler looking characters such as peas and carrots would be used in crowds scenes for the foreseeable future.
    • Eventually, as technology advanced and crowd scenes became easier to produce, many later episodes were once again able to include more complex Veggie characters in large crowd scenes.
  • When Larry is talking to the mayor of Bumblyburg on his phone, you'll notice the phone has no cord, but an antenna. The reason behind this was to avoid the many problems the Big Idea team had faced in past projects attempting to make realistic and believable looking cords in 3D computer animation.
  • Although he is seen on a poster in the back of the classroom, Bob does not appear in person in this VeggieTales episode.
  • This episode first premiered at the Hard Rock Café at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.
  • Stock footage from Larry-Boy! and the Fib from Outer Space! was used before cutting to Percy Pea being confronted by the Rumor Weed.
  • This is the only Larry-Boy episode not to have the VeggieTales Theme Song. Instead, it is replaced with the Larry-Boy Theme Song for the opening intro.
  • Unlike the previous episode, this is the only VeggieTales Classics release by Warner Home Video to not be distributed by WEA at the same time.
  • When Larry-Boy confronts the Mother Weed in the sewer, he presses the wrong button on his weapon and drops some sort of powder. At one point, it was considered that Larry-Boy would blow the powder onto the Mother Weed, but it was later dropped to prevent it from looking like Larry-Boy was attempting to snort it.
  • This is the second episode to not feature the regular Countertop segments. Although there's no opening segment, the ending has a countertop-like segment featuring Larry-Boy and Alfred in the Larry-Cave.
    • The ending segment was animated entirely by Robert Ellis, as stated in the episode's commentary.
  • International versions of this episode omit the Larry-Boy Theme Song and replace The W's version of The Rumor Weed Song in the credits with an instrumental of the original version.
  • During Junior and Laura’s conversation on the street in the beginning of the episode, the same voice clip of Junior saying "I don't know" is reused.
Screen Shot 2020-12-19 at 4.25

A fish skeleton is seen on the left.

  • There exists an extremely rare early 2002 VHS reprint of this episode by Lyrick Studios/HiT Entertainment. It has a black tape with a white ink label, and it has a print date of March 15, 2002.
  • If you scan frame by frame during the scenes where the Larry Mobile drills through the ground, you might notice a few random objects like bones and tires for a split second. Phil Vischer stated in the commentary that some of the animators threw in those objects as small jokes. (see image) The Larry Mobile drill itself might be based on the Sea-Vac Drill from the 1997 bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies as the saw blades do have some similarities.


  • The Scallion states Percy has $1.28, but when Larry-Boy shakes the money off the Scallion, the money he drops is actually $0.37.
  • Officer Scooter somehow has nothing to say to Larry-Boy about him dropping the Milk Money Bandit right through his patrol car's roof. Surely it should've been totaled after that, unless the department somehow has enough backup cars in case of things like this and Scooter got one afterward to continue his duties.
    • Furthermore, the building the Milk Money Bandit was dropped from is high enough he would've likely died on impact in real life, either from landing on the ground or in the patrol car.
  • The audio recording of Junior saying "I don't know!" is used twice in this episode.
  • After the Mother Weed becomes a giant flower, it's not explained what happened to the other smaller weeds that had sprouted around, spreading the rumor. Perhaps they became flowers as well? Although if the Mother Weed had to be cut down, surely that would kill all the other flowers too.
  • Because stock footage was used, the lighting from it has different contrast to the real episode.
  • The previews menu has a preview for the next episode.
  • In the DVD-ROM section, it shows pictures from Dave and the Giant Pickle, Madame Blueberry, and Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie.


  • Larry-Boy's suit clips into his body between shots.
  • In the shot where Laura tells the Weed her secret, the lens of the Weed's glasses flicker.
  • Two animation goofs appear after the Mother Weed emerges from the sewers. She is missing her lipstick and there's a black hole behind her head. This is noticeable once she grabs Alfred. (see image)
  • One shot shows some weeds missing their shadows.
  • In the Croatian dub, Dad Carrot's line "Hey, I just read a book where dangerous robots took over the world" is played in both Croatian and English, suggesting that the dubbers accidentally left in the English line when dubbing the episode.
  • When LarryBoy pulls himself in the middle of the crowd, his tooth is gone, this also happens on the back cover in the scene where he looks down at the plant he knocked over.

Inside References

  • The Milk Money Bandit is a reference to the bandits from Flibber-o-Loo who stole Larry's milk money.
  • On the streets there are street signs that say Vischer Street and Nawrocki Road. These are references to VeggieTales co-creators Mike Nawrocki and Phil Vischer.
  • A few references from the previous Larry-Boy episode are made here:
    • Percy and Lil' Pea walking home after seeing a movie, as well as acknowledging the time they saw The Fib falling from the sky.
    • Scooter saying "it's another space alien" and listening to "I Can Be Your Friend" in the car.
    • Larry-Boy acknowledges that if another space alien falls into Bumblyburg, he'll be ready for it.
    • When the camera is panning down towards the sewer, the kitchen from that episode (which also resembles the one from Tales from the Crisper) can be seen through one of the apartment windows.
    • One of Alfred’s computer monitors has the image of Junior that was used during the climax of the last episode.
    • A "Say No" promotional poster with Fib on it is seen at the back of the classroom.
    • Larry-Boy yelling "Goodbye, Bumblyburg!"
  • Laura saying that Alfred "talks kinda funny" is similar to what Junior said about Fernando in The Gourds Must Be Crazy.
  • When the Milk Money Bandit is spying on Percy and Lil' Pea, you can see the surround sound stereo from Madame Blueberry and a slushy cup from Josh and the Big Wall! in the dumpster.
  • Mr. Nezzer's line "You don't say" was previously uttered by Larry in Rack, Shack and Benny. Larry also says "I'll be right there!" just like he did in that episode, as well as Madame Blueberry.
  • Pepe is seen wearing the Gourd's Gym sweater from Very Silly Songs!.
  • The veterinary certificate from The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps can be seen amongst the pictures in LarryBoy's mansion as well as the background of the mountains. Also, the quartet outfit worn by one of the Veggie extras is the same one but recolored.

Real-World References

  • The weed's smile after her creation is somewhat similar to Jim Carrey's smile from the 1994 film "The Mask."
  • Dad Carrot's line about Alfred having teenagers inside him that know karate is a reference to the Power Rangers series.
  • Larry-Boy's line, "hasta la vista, weedy" is a reference to one of the lines from Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
  • On the DVD Trivia, the first question asks which school Alfred visits. One of the answer choices, Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School, is a reference to Sesame Street.
  • One of the background vehicles is a Volkswagen Beetle.
  • Except for the hairdo and glasses, the overall design of the Rumor Weeds is very similar to Audrey II from the musical Little Shop of Horrors.

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