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The Larry-Boy series is a sub franchise by Big Idea, as well as a spin-off to VeggieTales.


The inspiration for Larry-Boy came when Big Idea was thinking about doing an episode that spoofs Batman after they'd spoofed both Gilligan's Island and Star Trek for the second and third episodes. The initial idea was to make Bob the superhero under the name Bat-Bob. Phil Vischer even had an idea of a teaser scene to show people what the idea would look like: Bat-Bob stands on a roof top in a mask and has along cape behind him and he would strike the pose, "I'm Bat-Bob!" Then the wind would pick up and his cape would fly off of him and fly away with Bob chasing it and he'd be on the edge and he's look down at the street and ask pedestrians for help. Then Vischer thought that Larry would be his sidekick under the name Larry-Boy. The personality for Larry-Boy was just going to be the normal personality of Larry just in a costume


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