Throughout VeggieTales' history, Larry is always seen with his signature tooth. However, there are some times he'll be seen without it, usually in a scene or two. This is one of the common animation mistakes in the show.


  • Are You My Neighbor? - Larry states popcorn with cheese gets stuck on his tooth.
  • Love My Lips - Larry sings/said two things about his tooth: His lips took it and and that he got his tooth so he can kiss his Great Aunt Ruth.
  • Website promotion for King George and the Ducky - Clicking on Larry's tooth during the promotion would go to a download page for a desktop theme based off the episode.
  • The TV version of Dr. Jiggle and Mr. Sly - Larry states he was at the popcorn shop and some kids made fun of his tooth.
  • Happy Toothday - The entire Silly Song is about Larry's only tooth, and to celebrate Toothday, he gives his tooth some "tooth buddies".
  • Bob's Bad Breath - Bob reminds Larry to buy a new toothbrush to brush his tooth, but he does not.
  • The Lost Tooth - The episode is focused on Bob and Larry searching for the latter's tooth.

Missing his tooth

  • God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?! - Larry was first seen without his tooth after he says "Oh. That...That's great!".
  • The Toy That Saved Christmas - In the title card of Oh, Santa!, Larry's tooth was missing.
  • Very Silly Songs! - Before Larry turns the wrench and flies off screen at the end of the Home Improvement,Larry was seen without his tooth during that.
  • Larry-Boy! and the Fib from Outer Space! - Just before the Fib places Larry-Boy onto his mouth, his tooth is missing.
  • Josh and the Big Wall! - Both in the title card of the silly song and when Larry says "Oh wow, forgot about that one."
  • Sumo of the Opera - Scallion was missing his tooth can be seen in some shots:
    • One is seen where Scallion was missing his tooth when he tells Mikey he owes it to Po-Ta-To.
    • Another one can be seen in the millisecond where Scallion's tooth is missing when Mikey asked him why he wants to face Apollo.
  • Abe and the Amazing Promise - Jacques was missing his tooth in one shot where he fell down on the carpet.
  • Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah's Umbrella - Minnesota Cuke was missing his tooth during the second verse of Children of the Lord when Minnesota and Julia were trying to get the door open to the umbrella.
  • Sweetpea Beauty - Larry wears a fedora and says "Nope."
  • It's a Meaningful Life - Stewart's tooth was missing when the factory was in chaos.
  • Twas The Night Before Easter - One shot shows Louis without his tooth.
  • Beauty and the Beet - Larry's tooth was also missing as he was telling Manuel on getting a "Not-so-suite".
  • The Best Christmas Gift - Larry's tooth is missing in multiple shots:
    • When Madame Blueberry exclaims that a new king is born.
    • When the wisemen go up to the manger, and are excited.
    • When Pa explains the Messiah has come to save us all.
    • When Junior goes up to see the baby Jesus.
    • When Pa explains that we can all be a part of God's kingdom.
    • When Kingdom of God finishes.
    • Right before O Goliath ends.
    • When Jean-Claude lowers down onto the stage.
    • When Jean-Claude tosses the fortune cookies towards Bob.
    • When Bob reads the verse.
    • When Mr. Lunt announces his act.
  • God Wants Us to Make Peace - Larry's tooth is missing in a few shots:
    • When everyone is tipping their hats in the theme song.
    • When the VeggieTales Show logo crashes on the stage.
    • When Larry exclaims that he forgot second cousins.


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