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This is the list of pets that Larry/Larry-Boy had.

Larry-Boy's Pet Rock


A Pet Rock from 1975 that traveled forward in time to warn Larry-Boy about something in the past, but due to the fact it's a rock and can't talk, or even use sign language, the past was left unchanged.

The rock wears belt similar to Larry-Boy.

Larry's first hamster

In Lessons from the Sock Drawer, Larry mentioned about a pet hamster who ran away once.

It is unknown if Larry ever found him/her again.



Squeaky is Larry's pet hamster in Robin Good and His Not-So-Merry Men. He got out of his cage because Larry accidentally left the lid off the cage. In the closing countertop, Squeaky returned, but got out again. Larry chased it, only to fall in the sink.

Fun Facts

  • Squeaky is the same name as Edmund Storch's pet hamster, who also ran away.



Formerly a guppy owned by Pa Grape, he gave one of his guppies for free.