"The Bible says we should love our enemies.
Love? Love our enemies?
Everybody can't go around all the time trying to get even. That would leave the whole world in a mess!
— Marten
The Search for Samson's Hairbrush

Tim Hodge


David Pitts


Tim Hodge


June 25, 2005


43 minutes

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Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush is the 25th episode of VeggieTales and the first Minnesota Cuke episode.

The main feature is a parody of the Indiana Jones films, specificity "Raiders of the Lost Ark".


Fun Facts


  • White, wheat, and sourdough are different types of beard.
  • The stops Minn made before he went to Malta were Lombard and Franklin. Lombard was the previous location where Big Idea reside before, and Franklin is the current place the company is.
  • Capsise is Italian for "You get it?" or "You understand?".


  • This is the first episode to have more than one letter to answer. Not counting Lyle since they never state who wrote the letters for that episode.
  • This episode was gonna be released on May 2005, then it was pushed to late August. It was finally released on late June.


  • The canisters returned, but only two came back. The third would return after the countertop's redesign.
  • Scooter's nose is in a different color.
  • Minnesota sorta breaks the fourth wall when the camera was looking at the bottom.
  • The melted ice cream in the malt shop is portrayed as a yogurt type liquid. In real life, the ice cream would've been more frothy type. The crew acknowledged this.


  • Larry did get fan letter in the first Larry-Boy episode, though it was in the form of a email.
  • After Matren shows the newspaper to Minn, he puts it away behind, and it disappears, as it was hammerspace.
  • It was never explained why Julia gave up being an archaeologist in the first place.

Inside References

  • Some of the background characters were from the previous episode.
  • The crushed can Gourdon kicks is the same from Sumo.
  • During the credits, you can spot a whale, a pirate ship with a life saver, Lyle's boat, and four penguins.

Real World References

  • Mr. Nezzer's dream outfit is a spoof on Mike Ditka's.
  • Minn mention Rattan once stole Salvador's dolly. This is most likely referring to the painter Salvador Dali.

Fast Forward



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