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  • Species: Lamp

Lampy is a henchman and close friend to Awful Alvin.


In his first appearance, Lampy paid attention to his master's plan to unleash his army of angry eyebrows to Bumblyburg. He and Alvin watched the plan going well from the rooftop of the Daily Bumble until Larry came to place the Knitmaster away. Because Lampy could not move, Larry knows who might be involved with the angry eyebrows attacking the city. It's unknown what happened to him after Larry-Boy stopped the eyebrows, though according to Junior, Lampy was in jail alongside Alvin.


According to Tom Bancroft, he describes Lampy as the Charlie Chaplin of villains, where he is quiet and very innocent, but also very endearing. Despite being a bad guy, he is friends with everyone, including Larry-Boy!

Physical Appearance and Abilities

Lampy is a non-sentient lamp with a crudely drawn face on the shade. In The VeggieTales Show, his smile is much smoother.


LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures

The VeggieTales Show