Kurt Henry Heinecke is a American songwriter and composer for VeggieTales and 3-2-1 Penguins!

Prior to his work at Big Idea, Kurt was a band director for high school and a music director at a church where Phil Vischer goes. He first started working at Big Idea when Phil needed a music composer for his first show.

He is currently married with his wife Judy and three children. He also returned composing music and songs for The VeggieTales Show.

Fun Facts

  • Kurt used a borrowed tuba from the high school band he used to work for the theme song from VeggieTales.
  • He is the only crew member who gets confused on whom is Jimmy and Jerry.
  • He also works as a photographer.
  • He was a schoolteacher in Jamaica before settling in Chicago, where Phil would hire him as music composer for VeggieTales.

Works with Big Idea

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