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This is the episode transcript for King George and the Ducky.


Opening Countertop[]

(Fade in to the countertop with Jimmy and Jerry Gourd, who are very poorly disguised respectively as both Bob and Larry.)

Jimmy: Hi, kids! And welcome to VeggieTales! I'm... Bob the Tomato!

Jerry: And I'm Larry... (Jimmy nudges him) the Cucumber!

Jimmy: And we're here to answer your questions!

Jerry: Right!

Jimmy: Now, we got a letter today, from a kid named, uh... Jimmy, who lives in a place near... Texas somewhere.

Jerry: Yeah, Texas!

Jimmy: This kid, uh, Jimmy, says that he knows this other kid named, uh...

Jerry: Jerry!

Jimmy: Yeah, sure! Jerry! This other kid named Jerry! Now, Jimmy says that this kid, Jerry, is soooo selfish, one of the most selfish kids in the whole world, so selfish, it just makes you sick!

Jerry: No. No, he's not.

Jimmy: Who's not?

Jerry: Jerry. He's not selfish, he's nice.

Jimmy: No! He's selfish! Remember? The letter?

Jerry: Uh, no! Jimmy said that Jerry was nice, and that other kid... Hubert was selfish!

Jimmy: Hubert?

Jerry: Yeah, Hubert.

Jimmy: Who's gonna name their kid Hubert? Look, Jerry- er, Larry! In the letter we got today from that kid Jimmy who lives near Texas somewhere, it said that his friend Jerry was selfish! That's what it said, remember?

(Jerry suddenly snaps at Jimmy as his Larry mask falls off.)

Jerry: You wanna piece of me?!

Jimmy: Hey! Whoa! Oh, man! You're the one who said Jerry! I was gonna-

Bob: (O.S.) Hey! What's going on here?

(Jimmy and Jerry become afraid when they hear Bob's voice. Jerry looks around worriedly before putting his mask back on, albeit upside down. Bob and Larry then show up.)

Larry: Yeah! What are you guys doing?

Jimmy: Uh, hi there! I'm Bob the Tomato!

Jerry: And I'm not selfish!

Bob: You're not Bob the Tomato, I'm Bob the Tomato! Jimmy? Jerry? Is that you? What in the world are you guys doing?

Jimmy: Oh man! We were just trying to help you guys out.

Jerry: Yeah, help.

Jimmy: We figured you needed a break.

Bob: Break? I just had a break! I don't need another one.

Jimmy: Aw, come on, Bob! Please let us do this! We've been wanting to host a show ever since Dave and the Giant Pickle!

Bob: I don't know about this. I'm not sure I-

Jimmy: We got a story!

Bob: You do?

Jimmy: Yeah, we do! Jerry wrote it himself, right, Jerry?

Jerry: That's right, Jimmy. I got a story.

Larry: Well, what's it about?

Jimmy: It teaches kids not to be selfish.

Bob: Huh. Well, that's a good thing to teach kids, I suppose. Uh, maybe, if you've got a good story-

Jimmy: Oh, thanks, Bob! You won't be sorry. You'll see.

Larry: What's it called?

Jimmy: Uh, it's called, um... I don't know. Jerry, what's it called?

Jerry: It's called "The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down With All the Bananas".

(Jimmy nudges Jerry, which makes his mask become right side up again.)

Bob: Catchy.

Jimmy: Now, if you'll excuse us, we've got a show to do.

Bob: Oh, okay.

(Bob exits the scene)

Larry: Break a leg.

(Larry follows.)

Jimmy: Well, Jimmy from near Texas, here's a story for you to show that other selfish kid.

Jerry: Hubert! Roll film!

(The screen goes dark, but nothing happens.)

Jerry: (O.S.) Uh, roll film!

The Englishman Went Up a Hill and Came Down With All The Bananas[]

(Story begins in the style of an old fashioned film, before the story's title comes up as...)

Jerry: (O.S) "The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down With All The Bananas".

(Camera pans down to show Scallion #1 wearing an Englishman costume while standing next to a big pile of bananas.)

Scallion #1: Hello, I am the Englishman who went up a hill and came down with all the bananas, leaving, of course, the inhabitants of the hill with no bananas, and therefore, bestowing the term "selfish" upon myself.

Jean-Claude: (O.S.) You're so selfish!

Scallion #1: I know, but I've got all the bananas.

Jean-Claude: (O.S.) Well, aren't you going to eat them?

Scallion #1: Why of course not! You can't eat bananas without strawberries.

(Camera whip pans over to show Jerry wearing a Swedish costume while standing next to a big pile of strawberries.)

Jerry: Hello! I'm the Swede who went up a hill and came down with all the strawberries, leaving, of course, the inhabitants of the hill with no strawberries, and therefore, bestowing the term "selfish" upon myself.

(Jimmy comes up to Jerry.)

Jimmy: You're not Swedish!

Jerry: SHH!!!

(Jimmy rolls his eyes and exits the stage.)

Phillipe: (O.S.) You're so selfish!

Jerry: I know, but I've got all the strawberries!

Phillipe: (O.S.) Well, aren't you going to eat them?

Jerry: Oh no! You can't eat strawberries without bananas!

(Camera pans out to show a wide view of Scallion #1 and Jerry.)

Scallion #1: Pardon me, good Swede, could you spare a strawberry?

Jerry: Uh, no.

Jean-Claude: (O.S.) You're so selfish!

Jerry: Excuse me, Mr. Englishman, could I trouble you for a banana?

Scallion #1: Uh, no.

Phillipe: (O.S) You're so selfish!! (Scallion #1 and Jerry give blank stares for about seven seconds) You guys are not so bright!!!

Jerry: (O.S) The end.

(The screen goes dark)

Countertop 2[]

(Fade back to Jimmy and Jerry on the countertop again.)

Jimmy: Oh, wow, that was something. I guess it's not good to be selfish, eh, Jerry?

Jerry: Mmm-mmm. Nope. Not so good.

Jimmy: Oh, yeah. Let's see if Qwerty has a verse for us today.

Jerry: Yeah, Qwerty!

(Bob and Larry look at each other in disbelief. Jimmy and Jerry approach Qwerty, who is turned off.)

Jimmy: Hi, Qwerty! Got a verse? Qwerty? Qwerty? Uh, Qwerty? Oh, great! Somebody turned off Qwerty! Who turned off Qwerty!?!?

(Bob sighs and shakes his head in frustration.)

Jimmy: Uh, let's see, control, shift, tab, delete. Uh, no, no. (Jerry briefly leaves) Shift, escape, six, option. Uh, no, uh, function, escape, tab, L...

Jerry: (comes back while holding a cardboard sign with "Don't be selfish" scrawled on it) Hey, Jimmy.

Jimmy: Oh, would you look at that! "Don't be selfish"! Heh, that's a good one. Well, we're out of time for today, kids. Remember, God...

Bob: Hold it, hold it! Stop, stop, stop! You can't end a show like that! Well, it's way too short, and the story was kinda, well... I don't know. Qwerty's off, and there's not even a verse! No no! This is all wrong, we gotta do it again!

(Bob hops up closer to the screen and faces the audience.)

Bob: My apologies, boys and girls. We're gonna give this another go around. (to Jimmy and Jerry) Jimmy! Jerry! Take off those ridiculous costumes, we got a real story to tell!

(Jimmy and Jerry do as Bob tells them to, while Larry comes up to Bob.)

Bob: Larry, do you remember that letter we got from Lucy Thomas of Bismarck, North Dakota?

Larry: Uh, yeah. The one where she said she didn't like to play with her sister because she wanted to keep all her toys to herself?

Bob: That's the one. I'd say it's time we taught little Lucy a thing or two about being selfish. What do you say?

Larry: I say, aye-aye, Skipper!

(Larry hops off, leaving Bob alone.)

Bob: (sighs of relief) It's good to be back. Action!

(Screen goes dark)

King George and the Ducky Act I[]

(Fade in to an establishing shot of a castle.)

Bob: (Narrating) Once upon a time, there lived a king. Like other kings, he had a really neat castle to live in and a lovely little kingdom to rule. But unlike other kings, this king spent most of his time in the bathtub. Oh yes, his name was George, King George.

(King George, played by Larry, is shown playing with his rubber ducky in the bathtub.)

Louis (played by Bob): Uh, King George? Your highness? Do you think you'll be coming out anytime soon? We have important business to discuss.

King George: What do you think, Ducky?

Ducky: (squeaks)

King George: Oh, I couldn't agree more! Uh, not right now, Louis. We're not finished with our royal bath!

Louis: (O.S.) It's quite important, sir!

King George: Oh, Ducky. Why can't they just leave us alone?

Bob: (Narrating) Yes, it was a little odd. You see, the kingdom was at war. The Great Pie War, to be exact.

(A pea soldier screams before getting hit in the face with a pie.)

Bob: (Narrating) And usually when a kingdom was at war, the king would, uh... help.

(King George continues playing with his duck.)

King George: It'll have to wait, Louis! First things first! Right, Ducky?

Ducky: (squeaks)

Bob: (Narrating) King George loved to take baths. But most of all, King George loved his rubber ducky.

(I Love My Duck begins)

King George: Some kings love horses, and some kings love cattle.

Some kings love leading their troops into battle.

But me, I'm not like that. I find that stuff... yucky!

I'd much rather stay in my tub with my ducky.

(Louis waits outside the bathroom, until King George opens the door knocking Louis back.)

King George: Because I love my duck!

Louis: Uh, sir, if I could have a minute?

King George: Love my duck!

Louis: There are some things we must discuss!

King George: I love my duck!

Louis: See, there's a war and, well, we're in it

King George: Love my duck!

Louis: Though I don't mean to make a fuss

King George: Then, don't. Sing with me, Louis!

Louis: Huh? Oh, okay. (clears his throat) Because he loves his duck

King George: And that is why I can't be bothered

Louis: Loves his duck

King George: With the particulars of war!

Louis: He loves his duck

King George: Cause quite unlike my dear old father

(We see a portrait of his father who looks just like him, but with a mustache.)

Louis: Loves his duck

King George: I find it all a bore!

(Cut to King George's bedroom.)

King George: Now concentrate, dear Louis, and I think you will agree

the most important person in the whole wide world is... me.

So please don't drag me down with all the people and their troubles.

Go run some water in my tub to freshen up my bubbles.

Ducky: (squeaks)

Louis: Oh boy.

King George: Because I love my duck!

Louis: I don't know why I even bother

King George: Love my duck!

Louis: You just can't reason with this guy!

Both: Because he/I loves/love his/my duck!

Louis: It's time to face the facts, I think we're all a little stuck!

King George: So let the army run amok!

Louis: I fear the kingdom's out of luck!

Both: Because he/I loves/love his/my duck!

Louis: Yes, undoubtedly, we're stuck!

King George: So let the army run amok!

Louis: Oh boy, we're really out of luck!

(King George throws his duck in the air.)

King George: Because I love my-

(King George suddenly sees something, as his ducky hits him on the head.)

King George: Hey, what's that?

(King George looks out over the balcony and sees the whole town. He tries looking through his personal binoculars, but they don't work.)

King George: Give me a quarter.

(Louis gives King George a quarter, before he inserts the quarter into the binoculars, turning them on, as King George zooms in on a house, where a young boy named Thomas, played by Junior Asparagus, is also in the bath with his own ducky, which King George is intrigued to see. Thomas smiles at his ducky.)

Thomas: Because I love my duck, you're always there to make me smile.

I love my duck, you're my very favorite toy.

(hums while brushing the ducky) Because I love... my... duck.

(King George is even more enamored with Thomas's ducky as his binoculars shut off.)

King George: It's beautiful.

(King George throws his own ducky aside.)

King George: I want it.

Louis: What? The house?

King George: No, the ducky!

Louis: Oh. But... you already have a ducky.

King George: What are you saying? That I shouldn't have whatever I want?

Louis: Well...

(I Must Have it begins)

King George: I must have it!

I must get it!

You must go and get it for me!

If you want me to be happy, then you'll show me you adore me!

Don't rest another minute 'till it's sitting here before me!

If you wanna do your best, I would suggest you go and bring me back that duck!

Louis: But, sir, if I could just jog your memory, you already have quite a few duckies.

(Louis opens a cabinet to reveal several duckies and smiles)

King George: Those are yesterday's duckies.

Louis: Huh? These are all perfectly good duckies. Why, most of your loyal subjects would love to have even one ducky this nice.

(Louis holds up one ducky, which King George throws aside.)

King George: I don't like these!

I don't need these!

I don't want these any longer!

My affection for those duckies isn't getting any stronger!

To say I can't have what I want, you couldn't be more wronger!

Don't ask me to explain!

There will be pain if you don't go and get that duck! (spoken) Our conversation is over.

Louis: Did you say 'wronger'?

King George: What? I don't know. Perhaps.

Louis: It's "more wrong", not "more wronger".

King George: Eeugh... it had to rhyme! Don't question the king's grammar! Now GO AND GET THAT DUCK!!!!!

Louis: But, King George, we can't just barge in and take Thomas's duck!

King George: Why not?!

Louis: Well, he'll tell people, and then everyone will think you're gonna come in and take their stuff! You can't run a kingdom that way!

King George: Oh, alright. Well, then, we'll have to do something about Thomas!

Louis: What?

(The door knocks)

King George: Come in!

(Cedric, played by Scallion #1, comes in through the door.)

King George: Ah, Cedric! My favorite general! How goes the war?

Cedric: As Louis has told you, the Pie War has grown ferocious!

(Scene cuts back to the Pie War.)

Pea Soldier: Aaah!

(Pea Soldier gets hit in the face with a pie.)

Cedric: We need more men at the front.

King George: Louis didn't tell me that.

Louis: I was trying to! But you wouldn't come out of the-

King George: Hmm, more men, eh?

Cedric: Yes, we need more men.

(Seeing this as an opportunity to get Thomas's duck, King George gets an idea.)

King George: You know, I believe Thomas would like to help.

Cedric: Thomas? He's rather small.

King George: He's surprisingly strong for his size.

Cedric: As you wish, sire.

Louis: Your highness!

King George: And one more thing, Cedric. Put Thomas at the front of the battle, then have everyone else... step back.

Cedric: (silent gasps) But, he'll be... creamed!

King George: Your king has spoken.

Cedric: As you wish, sire.

(Cedric leaves)

King George: Louis, meet me at dusk at the east gate. We've got a little job to do.

Bob: (Narrating) It was terrible. Louis didn't want Thomas to get hurt, and he certainly didn't want to take his ducky. But he also didn't want King George to send HIM to the Pie War too, so he did what the king asked.

(Louis leaves as the screen fades to black.)

Endangered Love[]

(The Title card appears with Larry holding a Barbara Manatee plush)

Announcer: And now it's time for Silly Songs with Larry, the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song. (cut to Larry watching TV with his Barbara Manatee plush) We join Larry as he follows the tragic saga of Barbara Manatee in the day time drama, Endangered Love.

Larry: Barbara Manatee.

Backup Singers: Manatee, manatee.

Larry: You are the one for me.

Backup Singers: One for me, one for me.

Larry: Sent from up above.

Backup Singers: Up above, up above.

Larry: You are the one I love.

Backup Singers: Barbara, oh Barbara.

Bill: Please don't cry Barbara.

You're a nice manatee.

You've been so good to me.

But I must go into the world and do noble things for the good of all.

And you can't come because you don't speak French. Au revoir!

Barbara: But if you leave, Bill.

Who will take me to the ball?

Who's going to take me to the ball, Bill?

I have a new dress and shoes, and new manatee lipstick!

Who will take me to the ball?

Larry: (Jumps off couch) I'll take you to the ball, Barbara Manatee!

Barbara: Please don't go.

Bill: I must.

Barbara: Don't go.

Bill: I must.

Barbara: Don't!

Bill: Must!

Barbara: Don't, don't!

Bill: Must, must!

Larry: Barbara Manatee.

Backup Singers: Manatee, manatee.

Larry: You are the one for me.

Backup Singers: One for me, one for me.

Larry: Sent from up above.

Backup Singers: Manatee from heaven.

Larry: You are the one I love.

(Larry dances the tango with his stuffed Barbara Manatee)

Larry: Barbara Manatee.

Backup Singers: Manatee, manatee.

Larry: I'll be your mon ami.

Backup Singers: Mon ami, mon ami.

Larry: I'll take you to the ball.

Backup Singers: To the ball, to the ball.

Larry: I hope you're not too tall.

Backup Singers: You might have trouble dancing.

Barbara: Bill, I've learned French.

Bill: You have?

Barbara: Mais oui, je sui manatee. See?

Bill: Oui, oui, mon ami.

I always knew you could.

I really hoped you would.

Now can we go into the world and do noble things for the good of all?

Barbara: Yes. But first, Bill. Will you take me to the ball?

Oh, Bill. Will you take me to the ball?

Bill: I can't dance.

Barbara: You can't?

Bill: No.

Barbara: I must go!

Bill: Please don't go.

Barbara: I must.

Bill: Don't go.

Barbara: I must.

Bill: Don't!

Barbara: Must!

Bill: Don't, don't!

Barbara: Must, must!

Larry: Barbara Manatee.

Backup Singers: Manatee, manatee.

Larry: You are the one--

(Larry is interrupted by Bob opening the door.)

Bob: Larry, what are you doing?

Larry: Just... (hides the plushie behind his back) watching a little TV, Bob.

Bob: Well, maybe you should read a book.

Larry: Yeah. Okay.

(Cut back to the title card)

Announcer: This has been Silly Songs with Larry. Tune in next time to hear Bill say:

Bill: Barbara! I've learned to dance!

Barbara: Oh, Bill.

King George and the Ducky Act II[]

(Scene switches to the exterior of the castle at night. Louis is standing outside, before King George comes out while wearing Groucho Glasses to hide his identity and carrying a net.)

King George: All right, follow me. And try to act inconspicuous!

(King George and Louis go into town and enter Thomas's house. King George uses the net to swipe Thomas's Ducky. After that, he and Louis leave the scene of the crime. Scene switches to back in King George's castle, as the bed lifts up, revealing a secret passage.)

King George: We did it! Oh, now, now, now I'm happy! Let's have a look at it.

(King George and Louis set the Ducky on a pedestal. King George's glasses fall off.)

Louis: It looks just like your other duckies.

King George: What?! Hold your tongue, infidel! This is the most perfect Ducky the world has ever known! It's time for a bath!

Louis: (gasps)

(Door knocks)

King George: Oh, who could that be? Come in!

(Door opens to reveal Cedric standing with Thomas, who is covered with pies.)

Louis: Thomas!

King George: Yes, Thomas! (hops in front of the pedestal) Back so soon?

Cedric: It was astounding! There he was, alone at the front line, but he never gave up! He stood his ground! This little fellow single-handedly stopped the advancing horde!

King George: He did?

Cedric: He's a war hero, sire!

King George: Yes. Well, Thomas, I, uh-

Thomas: Incoming! Boysenberry at three o'clock!

King George: I'm sorry?

Cedric: I'm afraid he's lost his mind, sire. The trauma of war.

Louis: Oh no! Well, how long will he be like this?

Cedric: No telling, perhaps for the rest of his life.

King George: Yeah?

Thomas: Cobbler in the hole! Hit the deck!

(Thomas jumps and lands on the floor.)

King George: Well, we will give him the highest honor of the kingdom.

Cedric: Yes sire, if he were conscious, I'm sure he would thank you. I'll take him to his room now.

King George: Thank you, Cedric.

(Cedric leaves.)

King George: Now, finally, I can take that bath.

Louis: Oh, I feel just terrible.

King George: Oh that's alright, I still have time for my bath.

Louis: What? Are you the only one you think about?!

King George: No, I've been thinking about this Ducky for quite some time now. Since Thomas has lost his marbles, he won't be needing it, so come on, help me out with that bath!

(Louis is about to say something, but the door knocks again)

King George: Oh, great. Come in!

(Cut to the door open and now a wiseman named Melvin, played by Pa Grape, appears)

Melvin: I did.

King George: I see. And who are you?

Melvin: You remember me. I am Melvin, that slightly odd Wiseman who shows up every so often to tell you things.

King George: Ah, yes. Well, what is it?

Melvin: I have to tell you a little story.

King George: Not now. I'm gonna go take a bath. Come back at bedtime!

Melvin: It's important!

King George: Oh, OK. What's that?

Melvin: It's a flannelgraph. To illustrate.

King George and Louis: Oooooh! Flannelgraph!

(There Once Was a Man begins)

(Zoom in on the flannelgraph which shows King George and a house surrounded by sheep.)

Melvin: There once was a man, a very rich man

He had a lot of sheep, he had a lot of land

He threw a lot of parties, he was dapper, he was tan

Yes, there once was a very rich man.

King George: Okay, great story. I'll, uh, see ya next time.

Melvin: Wait just a minute, my story isn't done.

It's about two men and I've only mentioned one.

King George: Oh.

(The song continues as we focus on Thomas and a single lamb.)

Melvin: There once was a man, a very poor man

He had next to nothing, just a little lamb

But he loved it like a son and he fed it from his hand

Yes, there once was a very poor man

Then one day, there was a guest

At the house of the rich man

What did he do, have you guessed

To feed the guest of the rich man?

King George: Well, let's see. He had plenty of sheep, so he could just share one of his sheep. Not a problem!

(Melvin shakes his head.)

Melvin: He took the lamb of the poor man.

(King George is shocked as Melvin moves the cutout of the poor man's sheep to the rich man's house.)

Melvin: He took the lamb of the poor man!

The rich man took, to feed his guest, the very very poor man's lamb!

(The poor man is shown frowning.)

King George: What? Is that a- Is this a true story?!

Melvin: As surely as I stand before you today, my story is true.

King George: Who is that man?! Tell me! To take the lamb of the poor man when he had lots of sheep, but the poor man only had one! Man! For his cruelty, he will spend the rest of his days locked in my dungeon! Who is he?

Melvin: Oh, King George, you are that man!

(A crown is put on the rich man's head.)

King George: What?!

Melvin: You are the king. You have many duckies, but Thomas only had one and he loved it very much. But you weren't thinking about Thomas, you were only thinking about yourself and what YOU wanted!

King George: But I... I-

Melvin: Your highness, what you have done has made God very unhappy. For whether you are a king or just a kid, God wants us all to think of others first. You have been selfish, King George. And when we are selfish, we hurt the people around us just as you have hurt Thomas.

King George: I...

Melvin: God wants us to love our neighbors, not hurt them.

King George: What do I do? What do I do?

Melvin: Here is what you must do: ask God to forgive you, ask Thomas to forgive you. And then...

King George: Yes?

Melvin: Make it right.

(Melvin leaves and closes the door)

Bob: (Narrating) Well, King George knew exactly what to do.

King George: Louis! Draw a bath!

Louis: What?

King George: Trust me!

Louis: Okay...

King George: I gotta find Thomas!

(King George goes into the secret passage under his bed. Scene switches to the bathtub, where Thomas is sitting)

Bob: (Narrating) He figured a nice hot bath in the royal tub would help Thomas.

(Thomas looks to see King George in front of him, but his vision is blurry.)

King George: Hello! Here, let's clean you up a little.

(King George wipes the pie remains off of Thomas's face.)

Bob: (Narrating) And sure enough, he was right.

Thomas: Hey, where am I? Whoa, big tub. Am I in heaven?

King George: No, silly. It's just my bathtub. I've got something for you.

(King George gives Thomas his ducky back.)

Thomas: My ducky!

Bob: (Narrating) King George told Thomas what he had done and asked Thomas if he could forgive him. After thinking it over a bit, Thomas said yes. Then King George prayed and asked God to forgive him too. Yes, sir. Being forgiven felt really great, and the people he had hurt, Thomas, and even Louis by making him do things Louis knew were wrong, felt much better once they knew King George was really sorry. Yep, it was a happy day.

(Melvin shows up again)

Melvin: So, King George... whadja learn today?

King George: What'd I learn? Let me tell you. Today, I learned...

(The Selfish Song starts)

King George: (singing) That bein' selfish… doesn't pay

I tried it... just the other day

I wanted to be happy

I thought it was the way, but it weren't!

Louis: I think you mean "wasn't," it "wasn't" the way...

King George: Well, now I know just what to do

Before I think about me, I'd better think about you

So send the message out to every boy and girl

There's no better way to make a really yucky world...

(Pause as Thomas, Melvin and Louis join King George. They glance at each other, then start again.)

King George: Than being selfish!

Others: Selfish, ooooh...

King George: It doesn't pay! I tried it...

Others: He tried it – just the other day!

King George: Uh huh! I wanted to be happy

Others: He thought it was the way

King George: But it weren't

Others: (repeat – fading out) Weren't (6x)

King George: (repeat – fading out) No it weren't!

(Louis drops out of the group and tries to insert the correct word, "wasn't," but no one listens)

Louis: Wasn't.

(Screen cuts to black, ending the story.)

Closing Countertop[]

(Fades in to Bob and Larry on the countertop.)

Bob: Well, that was really something.

Larry: I'll say. King George sure learned a valuable lesson about being selfish.

Bob: He sure did. In fact, the next day, he went around his kingdom giving his old duckies away to anyone who wanted one, so they could be happy too.

Larry: Wow.

Bob: We're over here by Qwerty, to talk about what we learned today.

(Jimmy and Jerry hop in while singing the "What Have We Learned" song.)

Jimmy and Jerry: And so what we have learned applies to our lives today,

and God has a lot to say in His book.

(Jimmy and Jerry stop when Bob is staring angrily at them.)

Jimmy: What? (Bob glares angrily at the gourds) Hey, you wouldn't let us do the show! We gotta do something!

Bob: Oh, alright.

(Jimmy and Jerry resume singing.)

Jimmy and Jerry: You see we know that God's word is for everyone.

Now that our song is done, we'll take a look.

Jimmy: Take it, Bob.

Bob: Ahem. King George learned that being selfish, like when we wanna take something that belongs to someone else, or when we won't share the things that belong to us, well, it hurts the people around us.

Larry: That's right, Bob. Hey, let's see if Qwerty has a verse.

Bob: Good idea, Larry.

(Qwerty brings up the verse from Romans 12:10.)

Larry: Hmmm. "Love each other as brothers and sisters, and honor others more than you do yourself - Romans 12:10".

Bob: So the Bible says that instead of just trying to honor ourselves or make ourselves happy, we should think about the people around us; about our friends at school or our brothers and sisters. What could we do to make them feel good? Lucy Thomas of Bismarck, North Dakota, I bet it would make your sister very happy if you would share your toys with her.

Larry: I think so too, Bob. Well, we're out of time for today! So, remember, kids...

Bob: God made you special and He loves you very much!

Jimmy: Hey, Bob! If it's okay with you, some friends of ours would like to take the next show.

Bob: What?

Jean-Claude: Hello! I am Bob the Tomato!

Philippe: And I am Larry the Cucumber!

(They both laugh and run across the countertop)

Bob: I don't feel good about that.

Jimmy and Jerry: Goodbye!

Bob: Wait. Huh?

(The episode ends as the credits roll)

(End of transcript)