Junior Jetpack
  • Species: Asparagus
  • Eye color: Brown

Junior Jetpack is the superhero alter ego of Junior Asparagus who works as Larry-Boy's sidekick. He is part of the League of Veggie Heroes.




Fun Facts

  • There's been unanswered questions about his current costume.
    • In the title card of The Missing Jetpack, he is seen without the helmet protecting his noggin. This means that the helmet is a different attachment from the mask section.
    • Also, in the same episode, Junior tells Mr. Lunt to buy another jetpack, but Ichabeezer mentioned in Jetpack's debut story that the former had it custom made.


Language Name Meaning
English, German Junior Jetpack
Spanish Junior Cohete Junior Rocket
French Junior Reactor A device which controls biologically active environment
French Júnior Foguete Similar to Spanish name
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