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Junior Gets a Pet
Directed by

Tim Hodge

Written by

Ethan Nicolle

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson


April 17, 2015


11 minutes

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Junior Gets a Pet is the second half of the eleventh episode from the first season of VeggieTales in the House.


In town, Bob, Larry, Petunia, Ichabeezer, Captain Mike, and Junior are inspecting what looks like a distinctly bovine-shaped hole in the wall, before Officer Wedge shows up, telling the group that he has some questions for Petunia. Petunia explains to the policeman that "it ate a lot of plants," with him saying, "a robber who eats plants." Petunia tells Wedge that it's not a robber, before Ichabeezer adds, "An animal! This here is the work of something large and hungry." After sniffing around the crime scene for a few minutes, Ichabeezer identifies the crime scene as the unmistakable handiwork of a Buffalorange, but Wedge tells him that "it's been years since we've seen a Buffalorange here." Ichabeezer insists that it is a Buffalorange and that he'll prove it when he catches it. Ichabeezer then sports a stetson and holds up a lasso grapling gun, which he uses to catch Rooney as a demonstration, before he says, "Begin the hunt!" Larry also wants to catch the Buffalorange as he also sports a stetson and starts twirling a lasso (while also talking in cowboy slang), but Bob tells him that "if we're gonna pull this off, we have to be quiet and sneaky, not loud and cowboy-y." Of course, Larry then jumps on Bob and starts riding him like a bucking bronco. Junior wants to go find the Buffalorange too, but Mike tells him that they have plans because Granny Asparagus is coming over for family day.

At home, Junior is sweeping the front steps when he asks Mike if he can play in his fort yet because he finished his job. Mike then tells Junior that "the point of family time is to be together, not hide in a fort." Junior then asks if he can have a lunch break, which Mike allows him to do, telling him to take ten. Junior is excited, saying that he's having PBJHD, which is "Peanut Butter and Jelly Hot Dog," which the rest of the family is disgusted by. In town, Rooney is sniffing the ground, trying to pick up the scent of the Buffalorange, with Ichabeezer telling him to follow the smell. Rooney is suddenly roped by Larry, who thinks that he caught the Buffalorange, with Ichabeezer angrily telling Larry, "Get off my dog!" Rooney then runs along with Larry on top of him, and pulling Ichabeezer from behind, just as Bob shows up, telling Larry that "you got the wrong animal." After getting his PBJHD, Junior then hops off a ways, before he sees what looks like a large orange buffalo-like creature up ahead, before it quickly zooms off. Overcome with curiosity, Junior then goes off to see what this mysterious creature is, just as the big creature comes up to him from behind, which frightens Junior as he starts running for his life, trying this big creature, until he finds himself trapped in a corner.

Junior then pleads to the creature, which is the Buffalorange, not to eat him, but it instead eats the PBJHD that Junior was holding, with Junior asking the Buffalorange if it's good. The Buffalorange then starts sniffing Junior, with Junior telling him that he doesn't have any more, and that he'll have to get some at Pa Grape's. The Buffalorange then runs off as Junior tries to chase after it, with the Buffalorange now rampaging towards Pa Grape's store before crashing through the wall and making a mess everywhere, even when Junior tries to stop him. Junior then pulls out another hot dog and throws it for the Buffalorange to chase after it as he then crashes through the wall again. When Pa comes to the front of the store, he becomes surprised by all the damage that was done to his store, just as Ichabeezer and Rooney show up afterwards, with Ichabeezer saying, "Fiddlesticks. It was just here." Junior tries to find the Buffalorange, but he is nowhere to be found. At home, Junior is met with a surprise when the Buffalorange returns, happy that he came back, before asking him what he's doing. After checking to make sure that Mike isn't watching, with Mike sweeping the front steps, Junior then has the Buffalorange give him a ride, the Buffalorange jumping all over the house, before throwing Junior into the air. However, while airborne, Junior then looks down to see Ichabeezer and Rooney, before telling the Buffalorange to hide.

Junior and the Buffalorange then land on top of the counter, while down below, Ichabeezer is still looking around for where the Buffalorange went. When Junior and the Buffalorange peek down from up on the counter, Ichabeezer feels that he's being watched, but when he turns around, he can't find anything before he leaves. After Ichabeezer leaves, Junior is relieved that Ichabeezer didn't find them, before realizing that it's really late and that he has to get home, telling the Buffalorange to come with him and that he can hide in his fort. Bob is now sniffing the ground, while Larry tells him, "Keep on sniffin', faithful hound," though Bob is doubtful that this will work because all he smells is floor. However, Bob is able to smell something, before he and Larry find what looks some cheese on the ground, but when they get the cheese, it actually turns out to be a trap, as Bob and Larry now find themselves dangling upside-down in a snare trap. Larry then says that they've gotten themselves into one of "them predicaments," while Bob says, "Hornswaggled and hogtied," before asking why he keeps talking like that, telling Larry to stop making him do it. After arriving back home, Junior then has the Buffalorange hide in his cardboard fort, while also giving him another PBJHD.

After the Buffalorange eats the PBJHD, Junior wonders what to call him, before ultimately deciding to settle on naming him Robert. When Mike is heard asking Junior if he's outside, Junior tells Robert that he has to go while also bidding him good night. Mike then asks Junior where he went, because he came outside and he was gone, which Junior apologizes for, before Mike tells him that they missed him. Ichabeezer and Rooney then go to check the trap that they set up, before Ichabeezer becomes surprised when he sees Bob and Larry in the snare trap instead of the Buffalorange. The next morning, Mike then tells Junior to play close to the house, though Junior then comes up to Robert, who is happy to see him. Junior then gets onto Robert's back, while telling him to be careful that no one sees them. Robert then rushes off, but while Mike is sweeping the front steps, he then looks over and becomes surprised when he sees Junior riding away on Robert, while telling Junior to come back. Junior continues riding on Robert, with Mike still chasing after them, before Robert then leaps up to the top of the counter. Mike then tells Ichabeezer that he needs his help and the he found the Buffalorange, and when Ichabeezer asks where, Mike tells him that Junior was riding it and that they're up on the countertops, just as Bob and Larry also hop up to them. Ichabeezer then tells Rooney to "track 'em," which Rooney does, pulling Ichabeezer along with him, while Bob, Larry, and Mike follow after them.

On the counter, Junior still continues riding on Robert, while Bob, Larry, Mike, and Ichabeezer still chase after them from below, before Robert then leaps off the counter and lands on the ground again before running off again. After landing in the center of the town, Junior then sees Bob, Larry, Mike, and Ichabeezer come up to them, just as Ichabeezer then brags about how he knew it, before he prepares to rope Robert. Robert is afraid, but Junior tells him that it will be okay and that he'll protect him. Ichabeezer then shoots the rope at Robert, but the rope is too short as it just flops down inches in front of Robert, so Robert then leaps up again and runs away, with Junior telling him to come back and that he'll get him a PBJHD. Mike then asks Junior if he's alright and if the beast hurt him, before Junior tells Mike not to let Ichabeezer get him because he's his friend. Ichabeezer then questions about what PBJHD stands for, correctly guessing that PBJ stands for "Peanut Butter and Jelly," but for HD, he incorrectly guesses "Hungarian dates" and "Horse dumplings," while Larry also incorrectly guesses "Hamster dance," before Mike correctly tells them that it's "Hot dogs," peanut butter and jelly on a hot dog, his favorite snack. Ichabeezer then realizes that he's been searching for the perfect bait, while Junior tells Mike not to let Ichabeezer get him, but Mike tells him "that's enough," while Junior gives off a Big "NO!".

After returning home, Mike tells Junior that he can't just run off like that, because who knows what would have happened to him? When Mike asks Junior what he has to say, Junior tells him that Robert is his friend, before excitedly saying that he's okay, just as Robert returns. Junior then jumps onto Robert's back again, as Robert leaps off once again, despite Mike telling Junior to come back. Ichabeezer then shows up again, with Mike telling him to bring him back, before Ichabeezer tells him, "Don't worry, I have a plan." Junior still rides on Robert, while telling Robert that they need to hide where they won't find them. Robert then jumps onto the end table, before Junior then gets off his back, saying that he doesn't know what to do, before he starts singing a sad song about how he loves his family and though he would really love to go, he really needs to do the right thing. After the song ends, Robert starts to cry, just as Junior asks him what's wrong, telling him that they won't let them get him. However, Ichabeezer then shoots his rope again as it ropes Robert on the leg and starts to pull him towards where Ichabeezer is. Junior yells at Ichabeezer to leave them alone, just as Robert gets the rope off his leg, then picks up Junior and runs off again, running all around the house. However, Robert then runs towards where a PBJHD is laying in front of his path, as Junior tries to get Robert to stop, telling him not to do it, but it's too late as Robert has already taken the bait, which causes a cage to drop down on him and Junior. Ichabeezer is happy that he finally caught the Buffalorange at last.

At Ichabeezer's home, Robert and Junior are still trapped in the cage, while Ichabeezer says that he always dreamed about seeing a Buffalorange up close, saying that it's beautiful. Junior then asks Ichabeezer what he's going to do to them, with Ichabeezer answering that he called Junior's dad and that he's on his way, before telling Junior that the Buffalorange needs to get back to his family. Junior is surprised when he hears that Ichabeezer doesn't want to hurt Robert, with Ichabeezer telling him that he wants to help him, explaining that Robert is lost and that he's been hiding around the parts looking for his family. Junior then asks Ichabeezer how he knows so much about them, with Ichabeezer answering that they've been his favorite animal since he's been Junior's age. Mike then shows up at Ichabeezer's place, asking if everything is okay, before Ichabeezer tells him that "your son managed to befriend a creature that few have ever even seen," before he then opens the cage door, letting Junior out, as Junior apologizes to Mike, telling him that he thought that he needed to protect Robert from Ichabeezer when Ichabeezer is actually going to help him get back to his family. Junior then asks Mike if they can go, which Mike accepts, telling Junior that he's just glad to have him back safe, before Ichabeezer tells them that they should get the Buffalorange back to his family.

On top of the end table, Ichabeezer, Mike, and Junior look from afar when they hear a bunch of Buffaloranges coming, before the Buffaloranges then show up, with Junior quipping that "Robert really is just a kid." Junior then gives Robert another PBJHD as a parting gift, telling Robert that he loves him and that he'll miss him. Robert then gives off a loud bellow, which alerts his family, as they see him, as Ichabeezer points out. Robert then jumps down from the end table before running over to be reunited with his family once again. Junior sadly goes up to Mike afterwards, with Mike telling him that he did a good thing and that he's proud of him, before telling Junior to look how Robert is now that he's back with his family again. Junior then says that "maybe they're gonna have family day. And so will we," which Mike says is a great idea. After the Buffaloranges have left, Bob and Larry show up again, still intent on catching a Buffalorange, as they start chasing after the family of Buffaloranges that have just left.


Fun Facts


  • This episode marks the first appearances of Officer Wedge and Robert.


  • Petunia's collar clips onto her neck when Ichabeezer pushes her aside.