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Junior's Own Adventure was an interactive storybook from the official website, developed by Zoobie.


Dave the shepherd is watching over his father's hundred flocks of sheep, but then he noticed that one of them is missing, and he doesn't know what to do. Help Dave choose what choices to make in order to find the lost sheep.

How to play

Read the story, and when you're asked to make a choice, do your best! If you can't find the lost sheep, just try a different route next time.

Fun Facts


  • This story is based on Jesus' "Parable of the Lost Sheep" from the New Testament.
  • The game was taken down after the website was revamped. However, the game can still be found at Internet Archives.
  • The song in this game is the instrumental version of Big Things Too from Dave and the Giant Pickle.
  • It is possible to find the sheep in the following ways;
    • Sneaking past the bear in the woods
    • Walking up the hill after the sandstorm
    • Coaxing the sheep with a carrot
    • Going towards the sunlight in the caves
  • The "death" sign is represented with Dave being "lost and unable to find the way back". The "death" sign has the following pointers;
    • Heaven
    • 2nd Heaven
    • Eden
    • Here
    • There
    • Everywhere
    • Somewhere
    • Nowhere
    • Down
    • Third
    • The only death that doesn't represent Dave being lost is when night falls after sleeping on the hill.
  • In the SWF file, a Bible verse (Luke 15:3-7) can be found on a frame in the game. However, the frame in question is never called (in other words, it never appears).
    • The verse was likely meant to appear at the end of the game, similar to how almost every episode ends with one.


  • Despite the title, the game is about Dave.
  • If the sheep is on multiple locations, how is the sheep sneaking around in real-time despite being on the same time-span?


  • If Dave chooses to sleep in the cave, he is back on the hill. Despite either choice, the same sequence happens.
  • Upon the "Oops! Play Again and see if you can find the lots sheep." message appearing, the font on the death sign changes.

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