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There is a jukebox that plays DVDs at Jimmy Gourd's ice cream shop in The End of Silliness?.


Sometime after the previous episode (Madame Blueberry) in which Archibald Asparagus had cancelled Silly Songs with Larry, Larry, having detoured to Jimmy's ice cream parlor on a stormy night, is in a state of depression over the new change. Larry notices the jukebox and asks Jimmy if it works, and after Jimmy confirms so, he tells Jimmy to press G7, explaining how he was performing "The Song of the Cebú" when things went wrong.

After the song, a mysterious man in a trench coat, followed by a woman wearing a red dress and red hair, walks in. Jimmy then tells the man and the woman that he'll be with them in a minute, before he goes back to the jukebox and pushes a few more buttons on it. As he returns to service the man and woman who just entered, the jukebox plays some more songs.

After the Thankfulness Song, Larry is now more down than ever, singing "It Isn't Any Trouble to Just S-M-I-L-E" while sobbing, which Jimmy admits seems to be a result of choosing the wrong song. Jimmy then plays more songs on the jukebox and is amused by them; however, Larry is still unhappy. When the mysterious man reveals himself as Archibald Asparagus, he then approaches the jukebox and brings up the previous episode's song, including the part that saw Archibald declare "Silly Songs with Larry" to be cancelled, which horrifies Larry.

When Archibald uncancels the Silly Songs, Larry is finally cheered up as he plays a new silly song on the jukebox, which is The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps.

Fun Facts[]


  • The songs featured in the jukebox are the same songs played in the video.