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A plush doll that is based after the famous prophet Jonah that is sold in markets. Khalil owns one.

Quotes used

According to Khalil, the toy has a sound chip using speaking lines from the prophet. In the film, only one is heard, though more can be heard in a Easter egg.

In the Movie

  • "A message from the Lord."

In the Easter Egg

  • "They call me prophet."
  • "Don't do drugs. Stay in school."
  • "Be a friend. Say your prayers."
  • "Do not fight. Do not cheat."
  • "I do love... kaki."
  • "Move over bacon, here comes... something leaner."
  • "Ixnay on the... insay."
  • "Do you know the way... to Santa Fe?"
  • "Sounds like a standard... turn and repent."