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Jonah: The Special Collector's Edition

Cindy Kenney


October 1, 2002

Jonah: The Special Collector's Edition is a book.


"A long time ago ... in a gullet far away ... there was a story of a man who was eaten ... and lived to tell about it!" So begins the story in Big Idea Production's first-ever movie production of the wonderful epic tale, Jonah. This full-color, illustrated special collector's edition book lets readers peek behind the scenes at the making of Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie. It also includes a beautiful adaptation of the story that shows how God gives people second chances in life.

First, the book outlines how Big Idea Productions got its start and describes its mission that blends entertainment with quality, biblical messages. It takes the reader through the animation process, highlighting fascinating features like story and visual development, character voices and sound, lighting and special effects, and a music partnership with singers like Anointed.

The second half of the book tells the tale of Jonah -- a story of indecision and indigestion -- in a fun, family-centered medium filled with biblical values. Pictures and quotations from favorite scenes of the movie teach children and adults the important message that our God is a God of compassion and mercy. And it's done a delightfully funny way!

Included in this Special Collectors Edition:

  • How an animated motion picture is made
  • How a story line is developed and translated into a visual medium
  • Who makes the character's voice and how sound effects are created
  • The secrets of lighting and special effects
  • The extraordinary mission of Big Idea Productions
  • A adaptation of the entire story of Jonah, as presented in the movie