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Jonah: An Overboard Adventure! is a VBS (Vacation Bible School) curriculum created to promote Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie, as well as a complete program that teaches everyone how to walk in God's ways by using the book of Jonah as its framework. It also features original animated segments detailing Bob and Larry's attempts to get Archibald (who doesn't want to be in the movie due to the whale scene) out of his dressing room. It was released in October 2001.


The kit includes

  • 2 VHS Tapes
  • 3 booklets
  • 3 packs of invitations

Fun Facts[]


  • This website is no longer available after the Big Idea website was revamped, but it is available on the Internet Archive.
  • Due to how so much animation was going on at Big Idea during the production of this curriculum, some of the countertop animation was outsourced to Reel FX Creative Studios.

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