John Trauscht was a staff campaign designer and musician.

Song and music credits include:

  • guitar, score for PAX Christmas Special
  • Silly Song Larry's High Silk Hat, mandolin
  • guitar, Larry's Blues (The Blues With Larry) and its reprise, Polka Blues
  • mandolin and guitar, score for Duke and the Great Pie War
  • background vocals, Jonah
  • guitars and bass, Pizza Angel
  • guitars and bass, My Baby Elf
  • mandolin, The Gated Community
  • guitar, score for Sheerluck
  • guitars, The Water Buffalo Song (Live Show)
  • guitar, Oh, Lone Stranger (Moe and the Big Exit)
  • guitar, The Boy That We Call Moe (from Moe)
  • guitar, You Know It Must Be Love (from Moe)
  • guitar, God Did (from Moe)
  • guitar, The River Turned Red (from Moe)
  • guitar, Temptation Song (LarryBoy and the Bad Apple)
  • guitar, score for The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything movie
  • slide guitar, Lance the Turtle/Ukulele Karaoke

Worked with VeggieTales 1998-2008


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