Jimmy and Jerry
  • Species: Gourds

Jimmy and Jerry are brother gourds and one of the main characters of VeggieTales.


Jimmy and Jerry first worked at the USS Applepies with Bob, Larry, and Scooter. Scooter didn't like them at first because all they do is sing and eat, and thinks they're crazy. Junior then meets them and after hearing Jimmy that would like to eat a whole planet, he tells the crew to send the brother gourds in the space pods and they can eat all the popcorn ball meteor, so they can save the ship. They were then congratulated and Jerry founded the electric plug for the ship's power and everybody was happy of what they've done.

They also took over the Countertop one time when they wanted to host the show, which unfortunately didn't well as expected.


Like Bob and Larry are the Abbot and Costello, Jimmy and Jerry are the Tweedledee and Tweedledum. They like eating and singing a lot. They don't do a whole lot, but they do like helping others when they're needed.

Like Larry, they're clueless and they often like people to laugh.

Jimmy is considered the more brash and talkative one, while Jerry is the slightly intelligent and quiet one.


Both Jimmy and Jerry are gourds, and they're half identical. Jimmy is short and orange, and has a low voice, while Jerry is tall and yellow, and has a high voice.

Episode appearances

Jimmy and Jerry appeared in numerous episodes since their debut, both appearing with each other and apart.

Jimmy's best known roles are Jim Gourdly, Dr. Jiggle/Mr. Sly, the King of Memphis, and Leg-o-Lamb. He is also a member of the Boyz in the Sink.

Jerry's best known roles are the Constable, the Swede, the Duke of New Orleans, and the other Elf.

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  • Jimmy and Jerry's names originated from the original landowners of Big Idea's original location at the manufacture screw factory.
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