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Jimmy and Jerry's Big Mess

Craig George


Ethan Nicolle

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson
James Covell
David Das


September 23, 2016


11 minutes

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Jimmy and Jerry's Big Mess is the first half of the fifth episode from the fourth season of VeggieTales in the House.


Jimmy and Jerry approach Bob and Larry's house, and when Bob answers the door, he is surprised to see the two Gourd brothers at the door, asking them if they realize how late it is. Jimmy tells Bob that he and Jerry have a small favor to ask, before Larry comes out and offers a cup of sugar to Jimmy and Jerry, but Jimmy turns it down. Larry then offers an egg to Jimmy and Jerry, but Jimmy also turns it down, before Larry also offers them some milk and sardines, which Jimmy also turns down, then says that he and Jerry can't live in their own house anymore, so they need to live at Bob and Larry's place from now on. Larry then invites Jimmy and Jerry inside, but Bob stops them, then asks Jimmy and Jerry why they need to live with him and Larry. Because of that, Jimmy tells Bob and Larry to follow him and Jerry, which Bob and Larry do. When the quartet have approached Jimmy and Jerry's place, Bob tries to get the front door open while saying that he almost got it. Jimmy tries to tell Bob something, but Bob tells him to let him get the door open first, which Jimmy can only respond to with, "If you say so".

Once Bob gets the door open, he ends up getting buried in an avalanche of garbage that was somehow stacked up against the door, then asks Jimmy what he was going to tell him, Jimmy answering that "a bunch of junk was about to fall on you". Larry then looks inside Jimmy and Jerry's house, surprised at how much of a mess it is, then asks Jimmy and Jerry if they can't live in their house because their entire place is a mess, but Jimmy corrects him that he and Jerry can't live in their house because they can't get to their beds, before Larry further states that it's because there's such a big mess in the way, which Jimmy confirms. Larry then reiterates that Jimmy and Jerry can't live in their place because of the mess, but Jimmy and Jerry are confused, while Jimmy says, "I don't follow". Bob manages to free himself from the avalanche of junk then push the junk back inside Jimmy and Jerry's house again, then asks Jimmy and Jerry how they can live in that, then asks them if they have a pet. Jimmy answers that they have a Dust Bunny, but he loves it in there, while inside, Danny the Dust Bunny is shown to be basking in the mess and the smell of the mess while wearing sunglasses, before Jimmy then adds that there's also Happy Sunshine Bubbles, then realizes that Happy Sunshine Bubbles is still in the mess, so decides to go on a rescue mission to save Happy Sunshine Bubbles before bringing her back out again. Larry then looks at the state that Happy Sunshine Bubbles is in, noticing that her fishbowl is likewise littered with tiny socks and tiny pizza boxes, realizing that Happy Sunshine Bubbles is as messy as Jimmy and Jerry are, while Jimmy proudly says, "That's our Happy".

Bob pushes the pile of junk back into Jimmy and Jerry's house again and closes the door, before telling Jimmy and Jerry that they have a problem with cleaning. However, Jimmy tells Bob that "it's our mess, our choice", while Jerry adds, "Freedom!" before Jimmy also adds that they're practicing their freedom to make a huge mess and not clean it up. Afterwards, Jimmy asks Bob and Larry if he and Jerry can stay with them, and when Larry gives Bob an encouraging look, Bob finally consents, telling Jimmy and Jerry that they can stay with them for one night, but after that, they clean. Back at Bob and Larry's house, Bob is now asleep in his bed, while downstairs, Jimmy and Jerry are playing, which starts out when Jimmy and Jerry throw slices of pizza at each other and eat them. Jerry next slides across the floor on a banana peel while yelling out "Hang ten!", knocking over the lamp while doing so. Next, Jimmy sits on the couch while playing with the pillows while calling himself "The Fluffy Puff Warrior", before he and Jerry start jumping on the couch. Back in Bob's room, Bob is still sleeping, though is slightly disturbed by all of the noise that Jimmy and Jerry are making downstairs. The next morning, Bob hops down the stairs, but slips on a banana peel that was left on the stairs, then asks who left the banana peel. Jimmy bids good morning to Bob, though Bob is surprised at the mess that Jimmy and Jerry made, asking them how they made such a big mess so fast.

Jimmy explains that he ate all the bananas and that he was going to throw away the peels, but instead discovered that they make great skateboards. Jimmy then explains that Jerry wanted cereal, but couldn't find bowls, so he dumped cereal and milk into Jerry's mouth, which as the viewers can see causes Jerry to fall over in unconsciousness from having cereal and milk in his stomach. Jimmy then lastly explains that it worked pretty well, until he was hanging from the ceiling fan, then tells Jerry that he told him not to put it on high, while Jerry says, "My bad". Bob tells Jimmy and Jerry that he's heard enough and that it's time to clean, much to Jimmy and Jerry's protest, before Jimmy then asks Bob if he remembers when he and Larry helped clean their house because they thought that he and Jerry inherited a monster truck, but Bob tells him, "Not happening". Jimmy then pleads to Bob not to make him and Jerry clean, thinking it to be inhumane, and that they can't help being born messy. Bob then tells Jimmy and Jerry that "when you leave a mess, you make it someone else's problem! And that's not fair!", before opening the door, telling Jimmy and Jerry that he'll clean this mess and that they'll clean theirs, before Jimmy and Jerry get thrown out of Bob and Larry's house. Jimmy then says that they need a plan, Jerry saying, "Not clean?", which Jimmy absolutely agrees with, before Jimmy then comes up with an idea, which is that he and Jerry visit people forever, thinking that eventually the people they visit will get so used to them visiting that they will practically let Jimmy and Jerry live with them, which Jerry thinks is a perfect plan.

Back inside Bob and Larry's house, Bob and Larry have gotten the mess all cleaned up in their house, but then realize that Happy Sunshine Bubbles is still messy, as Bob says, "We gotta get that thing clean!" Happy Sunshine Bubbles shakes her head in response to this, before Larry tells her that it's good to clean up after yourself and offers to show her, but Happy Sunshine Bubbles quickly pushes her fishbowl away before Larry can approach her. Because of that, Larry finds himself chasing after Happy Sunshine Bubbles while telling her to come back, before Bob is able to catch Happy Sunshine Bubbles before she can escape. Bob then shows Happy Sunshine Bubbles by cleaning one side of her fishbowl, which Happy Sunshine Bubbles is happy to see, while Larry tells her that he and Bob will teach her to clean. Larry then gives Happy Sunshine Bubbles a tiny broom, which Happy Sunshine Bubbles is confused about, before Larry tells her to follow his lead. Larry then sweeps the floor, but when he looks up, he sees that Happy Sunshine Bubbles is instead balancing the broom on the tip of her nose, before correcting her on how to properly sweep. Larry sweeps the floor once again, but when he looks up again, he sees that this time, Happy Sunshine Bubbles is now instead using the broom like a sword. Now annoyed, Larry sweeps the floor again at a fast pace, bringing up a large cloud of dust that completely covers up the room. After the dust cloud fades away, Larry is exhausted, then comes back up to Happy Sunshine Bubbles, deciding that "it's a start", while Happy Sunshine Bubbles has started sweeping, but is now holding the broom upside-down while doing so. After that, Larry then wonders to Bob how Jimmy and Jerry are doing.

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Jerry have started singing about making other people's houses "a beautiful mess" and believing themselves to be great house guests, all while visiting the homes of Lisa Asparagus, Tina Celerina, Mom Carrot, Madame Blueberry, Granny Asparagus, and Mr. Lunt, but unfortunately for Jimmy and Jerry, they end up getting kicked out of each home they visit, due to their messy habits. After the song ends, back at Bob and Larry's house, Bob and Larry are still working hard to clean their house, sweeping the floors before they finish, all while Happy Sunshine Bubbles has finally gotten the hang of cleaning, thanks to being under Bob and Larry's influence. Bob and Larry next clean the walls with rags, while Happy Sunshine Bubbles is also cleaning her fishbowl with a rag. Bob and Larry then throw the bags of trash into the trash can, before Larry then comes up to Happy Sunshine Bubbles while holding the trash can, before Happy Sunshine Bubbles also throws a tiny bag of trash into the trash can as well. When Larry says that they're finished, Happy Sunshine Bubbles disagrees, which Bob is surprised to hear then asks what else there is. In response, Happy Sunshine Bubbles leads Bob and Larry to the kitchen, where they see Happy Sunshine Bubbles cleaning a plate, while Larry quips that Happy Sunshine Bubbles really likes to clean. Because of that, Bob and Larry also start to clean the kitchen as well. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Jerry sadly return to their cluttered home, while Jimmy laments that they've been kicked out of every home in town because of the messes they made and now they're back where it all began, before Jerry adds, "Full circle".

Jimmy realizes that Jerry is right and that they should have never left their home in the first place then claims that he learned a lesson today, which is that they should be okay living in their big mess, while Jerry also adds, "Changed person". Jimmy and Jerry then hug each other, before Jimmy then tells Jerry that they should get Happy Sunshine Bubbles and go home, before they approach Bob and Larry's house again. When Jimmy rings the doorbell, Bob answers it while holding Happy Sunshine Bubbles, before Jimmy tells him that they'll take their guppy back now. When Bob is told this, he thinks that Jimmy and Jerry cleaned their house, but Jimmy tells him that he and Jerry have just decided to live in their mess, which Happy Sunshine Bubbles is absolutely shocked to hear. Despite this, Jimmy takes Happy Sunshine Bubbles back from Bob as he and Jerry leave, while thanking Bob for watching Happy Sunshine Bubbles, while Happy Sunshine Bubbles looks distressed. Jimmy and Jerry have soon arrived home with Happy Sunshine Bubbles, while Jimmy says that it's good to be home. After Jimmy sets Happy Sunshine Bubbles' fishbowl on the ground, Jimmy and Jerry decide that it's time for dinner, having such delicacies as "Banana hot dog slurps" and "Leaning tower of donuts". However, Happy Sunshine Bubbles can't stand living in such a messy home, so she leaves Jimmy and Jerry's home and pushes her fishbowl back towards the direction of Bob and Larry's home.

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Jerry are enjoying their dinner while reveling in their messy home, while Jimmy tells Jerry that this is life, which Jerry agrees with. When Jimmy asks Happy Sunshine Bubbles if she agrees, Happy Sunshine Bubbles is nowhere to be found, before Jerry points out a clue, which is a trail of water marks leading out the door. Jimmy and Jerry follow the trail back to Bob and Larry's house, while Jimmy wonders what Happy Sunshine Bubbles is doing at Bob and Larry's place. Jimmy knocks on the door again as Bob answers it, before Jimmy asks him if Happy Sunshine Bubbles is here, before Jimmy and Jerry become happy when they see Happy Sunshine Bubbles' fishbowl in Larry's chair, but Happy Sunshine Bubbles is not happy to see them again. Jimmy then picks up Happy Sunshine Bubbles again while asking her if she got lost and tells her that this isn't her home, but when he and Jerry try to leave again, Happy Sunshine Bubbles holds onto the doorway of Bob and Larry's house to prevent herself from going back home with Jimmy and Jerry. Jimmy notices this and asks Happy Sunshine Bubbles what she's doing, before he and Jerry try to get Happy Sunshine Bubbles to let go, before Bob guesses that maybe Happy Sunshine Bubbles doesn't want to live with them anymore. Jimmy is surprised from hearing this, then asks why Happy Sunshine Bubbles wouldn't want to live with them, before Larry answers that it's because of the mess.

When Jimmy asks Happy Sunshine Bubbles if that's true, Happy Sunshine Bubbles angrily and non-verbally confirms this, which causes Jimmy to sadly lament that their guppy won't live with them, then despondently says that there's nothing they can do. Because of this, Jerry decides that it's time to clean, which Jimmy is even more surprised to hear, asking Jerry if he's suggesting that it is good to clean up after yourself and that when you leave a mess, you're creating a problem for someone else, which Jerry confirms as the actual lesson. Jimmy faces Happy Sunshine Bubbles again and asks her that if he and Jerry clean their house for her to live with them again, which Happy Sunshine Bubbles agrees with. Jimmy then announces, "Let's get cleaning!" as he and Jerry leave to clean their house, which Bob, Larry, and especially Happy Sunshine Bubbles are happy to hear. Soon, Jimmy and Jerry are hard at work, as they clean their house, sweeping the floor, washing the walls, and even throwing out all of the trash that had been cluttering up their house, while Jimmy quips that that's a lot of trash. Soon, Jimmy and Jerry have finished cleaning their house, which is now spic and span, while Jimmy and Jerry are happy that they have Happy Sunshine Bubbles, while Happy Sunshine Bubbles is happy that Jimmy and Jerry have gotten their house cleaned. Jimmy then tells Jerry that they better keep their place clean because he never wants to clean that much again, while Jerry says that he's exhausted. However, the doorbell then rings after that, and when Jimmy and Jerry answer the door, they are surprised when they see Lisa, Mr. Lunt, Tina, Mom Carrot, Madame Blueberry, and Granny Asparagus angrily standing at their front door, while Lisa tells Jimmy and Jerry that they need to talk about the messes that they left in their houses. Because of that, Jimmy and Jerry decide to clean just a little bit more.


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