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Jimmy Makes a Comic Book
Directed by

Tim Hodge

Written by

Eric Branscum

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson
James Covell
David Das


February 24, 2017


11 minutes

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The Priceless Sock

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Book Club

Jimmy Makes a Comic Book is the second half of the tenth episode of the first season of VeggieTales in the City.


Jimmy takes credit for the LarryBoy comic book that Bob made.


Young Ebenezzer

But there's nothing here! Not even a jellybean...

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Fun Facts


  • This is the first episode for a few things:
    • The first episode where Jon Heder worked on.
    • The first episode in which all three of the supervillains LarryBoy faced in both Netflix series all appear, though only in a fantasy.
    • The first VeggieTales in the City episode to not feature Larry, despite appearing in a fantasy.
  • This episode was released exactly three years after the VeggieTales online short Floating.
  • The three villains who appeared in a fantasy were Motato, Aprilcot, and Yambot.


  • Unless Bob either met Yambot or heard of him beforehand, the two never met onscreen.
  • Bob pulled out his comic book out of nowhere.
  • Jimmy seems to forget his lesson from JimmyBoy about taking others' credit.
  • The framerate for the comic scenes are slower than normal. They are also processed similar to Where Have All the Staplers Gone? where it is a watercolor filter.