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JimmyBoy is the superhero alter ego of Jimmy Gourd who works with Larry-Boy.


When Larry-Boy was hiding from Beau Rockley, Jimmy took this advantage to state he's Larry-Boy so he can have all the attention and rewards. However, his fame came with a price when Motato fishnapped his pet fish Happy Sunshine Bubbles. He tried to get Larry-Boy's help, but because he refused to help after trying to prove that he's real, Both Jimmy and Jerry tried to rescue their pet, only to get get captured by Motato and his minions. Larry-Boy eventually rescues them, and while Jimmy learned his lesson, he still wished that he can be a hero. So the plunger-headed hero agrees to show him the ropes, and became his own hero, JimmyBoy!

He, alongside Junior Jetpack and Night Pony, teamed up.


Young Ebenezzer

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Physical Appearance and abilities

JimmyBoy is an orange gourd with yellow highlights on his stem and yellow lightning bolt markings at the bottom of his body. He wears a yellow mask over his eyes and cape.

The only ability he has is that he can stomp on enemies and laughs very weird.


VeggieTales in the House

VeggieTales in the City

Fun Facts

  • He is the second superhero alter ego of Jimmy; the first being Supper Hero, even though the league didn't want him to join the league.