Jenna Chive
  • Species: Chive
  • Gender: Female
  • Eye color: Purple
  • Hair color: Dark magenta

Jenna Chive is a pop star who is very popular amongst the Veggie House (even Ichabeezer is a fan!).


After spending her time on the spotlight, Jenna want to start having a normal life. So she tells her agent Murphy to cancel a show, which he does not approve of. Despite this, she decides to hide herself with a pair of shades and a coat to stay away from the crowd. When Ichabeezer bumped into her, she asked where she can buy groceries, only for him to be amazed that he just met the famous Jenna Chive. She tells him not to tell anyone who she is, even to his dog. Unfortunately, he didn't kept it and it attracted attention to Motato and his minions. They said to her that Motato can help her get a perfect disguise, only to be tricked so that she can help out with his song. She refuses, only to get captured in a cage. So reluctantly, Jenna decides to help Motato with his song. Larry-Boy finds out what happened to her and Ichabeezer, and he can't stop Motato since he's writing music. Motato eventually released the two out and joined Ichabeezer's dinner with them, and that's where Jenna decides to get back into singing.

While planning for a future concert, she over watched Bob, Larry, Petunia Rhubarb, and Mr. Lunt moping of what they did to Madame Blueberry, and she knew exactly how Blueberry must have felt being treated for only selfish needs. So the five decided to plan to make a live concert for Blueberry, and her friends apologized for their actions.


Jenna has attitude, though she's cool. Like Vanna Banana, she likes to have a normal life, though she knows that her own life is also very important to God. She likes singing in front of others and does not shown any fear.

Physical Appearance

Jenna Chive is a green chive with dark magenta hair with a light blue on her left and purple eyes.


Voice Actors

Fun Facts

  • She is the first nose-less vegetable character in VeggieTales' history.
  • Like Larry, Gary Garlic and Ichabeezer, she is a fan of sardines.
  • According to Beau Rockley on Behind Their Backs, she uses auto-tune and her natural singing sounds like a horse.
    • This is sorta untrue as her only known appearances, she never uses it and her natural singing does not sound off. This was probably just a rumor.



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