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It Could Be My Worst Day is a song from the VeggieTales in the House episode Larry's Cardboard Thumb. It is sung by Larry the Cucumber.


Larry: I used to think my darkest day

Could well be the one

When I got that bee sting

Right on the end of my tongue

Well, what could be worse than that?

I'll tell you Jack, as a matter of fact

That Petunia's coming back and that

It could be my worst day

When Petunia gets home

Might be the worst day

That I've ever known (Ooh)

I made a promise

But I didn't keep it

My lie has gotten me feelin' (Aah)

So defeated

She might tear my face off

Or build a fort with my bones

I gave her a false impression

Now I'll reap what I've sown (When Petunia gets home)

This could be the worst day

When Petunia gets home

Here she comes now

Better run now

(When Petunia)

Here she comes now

(Gets home)