Tim Hodge


Eric Branscum

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Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson
James Covell


September 25, 2015


11 minutes

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It is the second half of the sixth episode of the second season of VeggieTales in the House.


Bob and Larry are playing a game of tag in their house, with Larry hiding behind the couch, before he hides behind the lamp. Bob comes out from the kitchen while looking for Larry, when Larry suddenly comes out from his hiding place and tags Bob, then runs off with Bob chasing after him. Larry manages to elude Bob momentarily by swinging from the top of the ceiling and bouncing off Bob's tomato elevator. Bob gets into the tomato elevator, then tilts it backwards before using it to catapult himself out at Larry, and tags him. Larry then chases after Bob, but before he can reach Bob, the timer rings, which means that the game is over. Bob tells Larry that time is up, telling him great game, but Larry screams in frustration about losing that he repeatedly tags Bob, but Bob doesn't react, as he tells Larry that the game is over. Larry says that he can't be it and that he's still it and that "I got it all over me!", before he starts hyperventilating, with Bob trying to tell him to calm down and for him to breathe and take a breath. Larry does as Bob asks him, but puffs himself out, which causes Bob to tell Larry to breathe out, which Larry does, the forced-out air causing him to rocket backwards then crash into the wall.

Bob tells Larry that he's not it, he's just a loser, which surprises Larry, before Bob reiterates that that's not what he meant, then adds that winning isn't everything, and that if it's all you care about, you'll take all the fun out of playing. Larry begs with Bob to play one more game of tag with him, but Bob tells him that he needs to learn to be happy without winning, as well as the fact that he's leave for the Sock Collector's Convention, as he dons a black fedora and grabs a suitcase before leaving. Larry is upset that Bob has left him without playing another game of tag, then asks himself what he'll do, because he can't be it. Larry tries tagging his chair, but it also does not work, then Larry comes up with an idea.

Larry approaches Jimmy and Jerry's house, and Jimmy answers the door, before Larry asks him and Jerry if they like playing games, which they confirm, as Jimmy says that it's all fun and games. Larry is surprised when he hears the last part, as he tries asking them "Until someone?", but Jimmy tells him that's it. Despite this, Larry asks Jimmy and Jerry if they would like to play a game of tag, and Jerry answers "Sure." Larry then comes up to Jimmy and Jerry, while showing them the timer that's used in playing tag, telling them that they'll play until it dings. The game soon begins with Larry tagging Jerry, as Larry, Jimmy, and Jerry run around the house, though Larry hides behind the couch, while Jimmy and Jerry chase each other. While hiding behind the couch, Larry tells himself that he just has to avoid getting tagged until the timer dings. Larry then peeks out from behind the couch, but doesn't see Jimmy or Jerry anywhere, but Jimmy suddenly appears next to Larry and tags him, which angers Larry, but he tries to hide his anger before he chases after Jimmy.

Soon, Larry chases after Jimmy and Jerry into the town square, but Jimmy and Jerry are too fast for him. Jimmy and Jerry taunt Larry, and Jimmy tells Larry that he has to tag him, while Jerry blows a raspberry at Larry. Larry says, "What do you think I'm trying to-", but gets cut off when the timer dings, signifying that the game is over. Larry is shocked when he realizes that he's still it, just as Junior comes up to him, asking Larry, Jimmy, and Jerry if they're playing tag. Madame Blueberry and Ichabeezer also overhear this, and Madame Blueberry says that she loves a good game of tag, which Ichabeezer is in disbelief about, as Madame Blueberry confirms it. Carrot Man also says that he played tag once, but says that it's not his cup of tea, but his cup of tea is actually a cup of chicken soup, which he starts to drink. Mr. Lunt asks Mayor Archibald if he would like to play tag, which Mayor Archibald thinks sounds delightful, as everyone also wants to play tag. Larry soon starts the timer up, asking everyone if they would like to play. Junior says "Sure," while Mr. Lunt asks where base is, so he'll know where to hover constantly. Mayor Archibald then declares a town-wide game of tag, and for the games to begin, just as Bacon Bill then blows a trumpet to start the game, which everyone is excited about. Larry starts things off by tagging Junior, just as the game begins.

Soon, everyone starts playing tag, while Larry is hiding, before he hears a high-pitched voice, sounding almost like his, saying, "You're a genius?" Larry is confused about what the voice means, before the voice reveals itself as his inner thoughts, saying, "With this many people playing, there's no way we'll be it." The voice then encourages Larry to find a good hiding spot and that it will be smooth sailing, which Larry agrees with, saying that he is a genius, then thanks his "little me" for the idea, as the voice disappears after that. Everyone is still playing tag, just as Larry starts singing a song about how he has to win and that "last place is worst place," if he gets tagged. After the song ends, at Pa Grape's Store, some of the customers are talking about the tag game that is taking place in town. When Ichabeezer ends up at the back of the line, he becomes upset, asking if they think that he's patient, then comes up with an idea, as he shouts, "I'm it!" The other customers are surprised when Ichabeezer says this, before they immediately scatter, while Ichabeezer laughs at the cleverness of his little plan as he he approaches Pa at the counter, but Pa also takes off as well, which Ichabeezer sighs about. The game of tag is still going on, with Jean-Claude hiding in the store from Phillipe, before leaving again and passing by Petunia, who asks Jean-Claude if Phillipe is it, but Jean-Claude tells her that he just took the last cookie from the cookie jar.

Meanwhile, Larry is hiding inside the dumpster, congratulating himself for his brilliant idea of getting the whole town caught up in tag so that he won't have to get tagged himself, and that he just has to stay hidden until the timer dings and that there is no way he's going to get tagged this time. However, Mr. Lunt, who is also hidden in the dumpster, tags Larry, then jumps out of the dumpster, which Larry is surprised about, asking Mr. Lunt how he did that and that he doesn't even have eyes. Noticing that time is almost up, Larry realizes that the game is almost over and that he is now it. Larry runs up to the others, but they quickly run away from him, especially Silly Pea, and even Lisa Asparagus, which causes Larry to run into a nearby lamppost. When Larry notices Pa, he decides to tag him, while Pa tells him that he has to catch him first. Larry runs out at Pa, but Pa proves himself more agile than he looks as he does a backflip jump, which causes Larry to miss and crash again, before Pa lands on the ground again, but Larry, not wanting to give up yet, jumps out at Pa again, but Pa dodges him once again. Larry cries out in frustration that "Having talent is cheating!" before pulling out the timer, realizing that time is just about up. Jimmy then tells Larry that time is almost up, before Madame Blueberry tells him, "Good game." Larry starts remembering what Bob told him about how winning isn't everything, while Larry says that "Losing takes all the fun out of... losing," and that he must win.

In a fit of rage, Larry throws the timer to the ground, causing it to break, which everyone is shocked about when they see what Larry did. After that, Junior asks Larry if the game is over, but Larry tells him that the game is not over, while Mayor Archibald worriedly says that the game will never end and that it will go on for infinity. Larry then tags Mayor Archibald, while saying, "Welcome to Infini-Tag!" Mayor Archibald tells Larry that he can't be serious, but then Larry tags Jerry while telling him, "No tagbacks!" Junior laments that this was fun but now it's crazy, while Mayor Archibald asks if the game is over and if they should vote on it, but everyone runs away after that. Mayor Archibald then tags Jerry, who says, "Escalation," while everyone starts running away from Larry in a panic, leaving Larry all alone. Larry then approaches Mayor Archibald's house, telling him to let him up, but Mayor Archibald tells him, "No way." Larry then tells Mayor Archibald that they should be a team, with Mayor Archibald's leadership skills and Larry's unhealthy obsession with tag, they'll be untaggable. Mayor Archibald states that Larry makes a good point, then comes down and meets up with Larry who thanks him for listening to him. Mayor Archibald tells Larry that he really let this get out of hand, but is glad that Larry is here, and that it would be nice to have some company, which Larry agrees with. This gives Larry a chance to tag Mayor Archibald again, but Mayor Archibald tags him again, then goes back in the elevator once again. Larry tries telling Mayor Archibald, "No tagbacks!" but Mayor Archibald doesn't care, telling Larry that he's taken all the fun out of this and that he's it. Larry snorts angrily after that.

In town, there is a sign reading "Beware of It" posted in the ground, just as Bob has returned from the Sock Collector's Convention, becoming confused about where everyone is, before noticing the sign and asking what's going on. Madame Blueberry then comes out of her house, and tells Bob to hide because of Larry. Bob asks her what Larry did now, and Madame Blueberry answers that Larry is it. Bob is confused when Madame Blueberry tells him this, asking if Larry started a new game, but Madame Blueberry hides in her house again, when Larry runs into the town square again still looking for someone to tag and dunks his head in the fountain. Bob tells Madame Blueberry that he'll take care of this, before calling out to Larry, trying to scold him. However, Larry charges out like a mad bull and starts chasing after Bob, who then takes refuge in a nearby house and tells Larry that this is exactly what they were talking about, and asks Larry if this is his idea of fun. Larry says that he's not playing for fun, but rather to not be it, before Bob tells him that he's not playing at all. Larry then says that he's all out of people and that he's it forever. Larry opens a trash can and tries to tag a lobster, but it crawls away, which makes Larry even more glum than ever. Because of this, Larry dunks his head into the fountain once again.

At the same time, a male pea with a rubber ducky on his head hops in while repeatedly calling out, "duck." The instant Larry and the pea see each other, they both yell out then charge out at each other, while tagging each other, Larry saying "You're it," while the pea says, "Goose." Larry then tells the pea that he's not playing Duck Duck Goose, while the pea tells him that he's not playing tag, saying that he must wander on. Larry then asks the pea who he is, which causes the pea to nervously answer that he's just a guy who's been wandering around for thirty years with no friends and no life, before introducing himself as Clarence. Larry is confused about what Clarence has been doing, which causes Clarence to tell Larry the story of what happened to him. Clarence then explains that he loves the game Duck Duck Goose, as long as he's not goose, telling Larry about what happened. A flashback then starts up, showing Clarence playing Duck Duck Goose with several other kids, as a corn kid tags him as Goose, which causes Clarence to chase after the corn kid, but the corn kid is too fast for him. Clarence then explains further that they stopped playing, but he couldn't lose, so he roamed out, looking for someone to make goose, but had no luck, stating even further that a year went by searching for goose, and 29 more.

After the flashback ends, Clarence says that he regrets nothing, while Larry is surprised that Clarence has been spending thirty years playing Duck Duck Goose, saying that that's "Crazy nuts," but Clarence misunderstands, asking Larry if that's a game and wanting to know how to play and that he has to win. Larry refuses this offer, telling Clarence that if all you care about is winning, then you'll take all the fun out of it. When Larry says this, this causes him to realize what he has been doing and that he chased all his friends away, all because he was obsessed with winning at tag. Clarence says that he literally has no idea what Larry is talking about. Wanting to atone for what he did, Larry then calls out to everyone that it's safe to come out now, while calling out "Olly olly oxenfree!" Everyone then comes out from their hiding places when they hear Larry say this, while Larry says that he didn't win, but that's okay. Everyone approaches Larry, happy that he's not obsessed with winning anymore, while Bob tells him that they all learned a valuable lesson today, which Larry agrees with, saying that "Everyone wins if we all play together." At that moment, Clarence tags Bob as Goose, then runs off while yelling out that he's free.


Fun Facts


  • This is the shortest title for any episode or film from Big Idea to date.


  • James Covell was not credited for the episode.

Real-World References

  • The episode's plot is similar to the "Codename: Kids Next Door" episode "Operation: I.T.". Like this episode, it involves the main character playing tag with others, and taking the game seriously.

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