If I Sang a Silly Song...

Brian Roberts


Chris Wall


Mike Nawrocki

Music by

Kurt Heinecke


February 28, 2012

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If I Sang a Silly Song... is a special VeggieTales compilation. Larry hosts a telethon where Archibald, Bob, Jean-Claude, Jerry, Jimmy, Junior, Laura, Madame Blueberry, Mr. Lunt, Pa Grape, Petunia, and Phillippe answer telephones for ideas given by viewers of what silly song they would want VeggieTales to make. During the telethon show, there is a Top 10 countdown of the 10 best silly songs from the past 10 years, and another Top 10 countdown of the 10 best silly songs from the 10 years before that. At the end, the winning silly song is played.


Fun Facts


  • Since Monkey and the songs made before it were produced in 4:3, they were zoomed in to match the 16:9 aspect ratio of the film.
  • This is the most played special on Smile, often being played during time slots where high viewership is expected or to counter against other programs on other networks.
  • When the French Peas do their mime act, an instrumental version of I'm So Blue is heard playing.
  • The Silly Song telethon raised $3,565 dollars.
  • The winning Silly Song, Bubble Rap, was submitted by Jerame Dellapenta.



  • In Zazzamarandabo, the dialogue of Archibald reading the "Biscuit of Doug" sign is somehow cut.
  • The announcer mispronounces Sport Utility Vehicle as "Sport Utility Vehicles."

Real-World References

  • The title could be a reference to the song "If I Had a Hammer."

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