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I Wonder is the second song from the VeggieTales episode Veggies in Space: The Fennel Frontier. It is sung by Mr. Spork (Bob the Tomato).


Mr. Spork (Bob the Tomato): I wonder how we all could do a little more each day,

To help each other out or do a job without delay.

(As Mr. Spork looks at the window with a smile and went off while Officer's Log follow behind them)

I wonder if the answer is a gadget or a tool.

(As they went past the builder carrot who twist the lug nut with a wrench on the pipe)

Perhaps it's just a very simple rule.

(We see the carrot man with brown hairmm and red and white uniform who is lying down on his chair while his base is on the foot rest and reading his dark purple book and a green robot who is browsing at the library bookshelf)

Green robot: (can't reach the book up there with a four pronged claw and turn to the carrot reader) I can't reach it. Can I borrow your foot rest?

Carrot: My feet are using it. (lift up his book and read it)

Green robot: (sighs as he turns back and shake the book shelf until three green books fell out and landed on his head)


Green robot: (cover his head with his arms) Oof! (turn around until the last green book landed on his head)


Mr. Spork: I wonder if a formula or brand new protocol

Could help this ship and all its crew to walk instead of crawl.

(The two went past two doors on the walls)

(We see the two wheeled blue sad-looking robot named Twiki who exit the left door)

Red robot: (rolled out of the right door, has a grin on his face, two wheels as ears, third on his right side of his body as an arm and four wheels as feet and drove around Twiki) Hey, Twiki! How's it going?

Twiki: Not good. (look at the red one who left him) Could you sp..sp..sp...spare a...tire?...(look around himself sadly) Ehh...(roll off)

(Then, Mr. Spork hop in as the doors slide open aside)

Mr Spork: I wonder if our rules should change?

(The camera cuts to Cuke and Whoareyou are having coffee from the coffee machine. Cuke poors the coffee all the coffee into he cup leaving whoareyou with none)

I wonder if it's time.

I wonder if it's all about the stuff that we call "Mine, mine, mine?"