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I've Got Plans is the second song from Noah's Ark. It was sung by Noah and Shem.


Noah (Pa Grape): No one said it would be easy building this old ark

But anything sure is possible When God gives you the spark.

Set it down there, please.

God's got plans for me and you

Great big things for us to do.

God has plans, don't ask him why.

When he says build, you say "How many cubits high?"

Cause God's got plans!

Shem: (spoken) Hey, dad!

Noah: Welcome back son! How was your honeymoon?

Shem: Great. Hey, dad, um, explain to me why you're building a giant orange slice boat...

Noah: Ark.

Shem: …ark right where my new house is supposed to go.

Noah: Isn't it wonderful? God told me it has to be big!

Shem: The mess you're making?

Noah: No, the ark we're building! One morning, I was talking with the Lord, and he said "Noah, you gotta build an ark. A really big one." So here we are!

Shem: Dad, you're the best. You walk with God. You're honored and revered.

Noah: Nice of you to say.

Shem: But build a boat in the desert, don't you think that's weird?

Noah: You should be wearing a hard hat.

Shem: I've got plans to build a life

And spend it with my awesome wife

And your big plans are in my way

We'll build your boat, but let's do it another day

Cause I've got plans!

Noah: Put those on the top deck, my dear. Be gentle.

Dot: Of course I will! I'm a lady!

Noah: God's got plans for me and you.

Shem: (simultaneously) Dad... I've got plans too.

Noah: Great big things for us to do.

Shem: Yeah, but your big plans are in my way!

Noah: (God's got plans)

Shem: I've got plans

Noah: So it's anchors aweigh!

Shem: Not today, I've got plans!

Noah: God's got plans!

Shem: I've got plans!

Noah: God's got---

Both: God's/I've got plans!