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Hope It's Gonna Be a Happy Christmas is a song from the VeggieTales episode Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving, and it is the opening for the episode. It is sung by the entire cast.


Kids: Christmastime Oh, Christmastime

Oh Welcome all to the tinsel and the lights

George: Oh, Christmastime It's Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas to you

Grandpa George and Dad Carrot: And to you a good night.

Laura Carrot: Hi, Dad!

Dad Carrot: Hi, Honey. I'm almost finshed.

Laura Carrot: We're finally gonna go buy our christmas tree.

Junior Asparagus: Hey guys! Look at this.

(Junior shows Laura, Annie and Percy a gold coin)

Laura, Annie, and Percy: Oooh.

Junior: Well, I wonder what I'm gonna get for Christmas.

Every light that shines reminds me of a toy.

Got a new gold penny. And I wanna spend it.

Every Click and Clock and knickerbocker makes me want one more!

On to the Store!

(Bob is strapping lights on the Christmas Tree)

Bob: Well, I wonder what I'll get to give at Christmas.

Larry: Every bell that rings sings give my love away.

Jimmy: Oh my heart is warming with my friends before me.

Larry and Jimmy: On the nicest kindest, Christmas-light shiniest givingest of days!

Bob, Larry, and Jimmy: Give love away!

Mr. Nezzer: I already gave.

Everyone: Glo-ooooo-ooooo-ooooo-oria (x2)

Dad Carrot: A smile on every face! A slower, simpler pace.

A spirit we embrace with tidings full of cheer.

We give a helping hand to every fellow man.

Just try, you'll see you can make every difference here.

Everyone: In Excelsis Deo!

Jimmy: Looking good, guys.

Larry: Thanks, Jimmy.

Bob: How's the collection coming?

Jimmy: Ha. We're getting plenty of food to share with the less fortunate.

(Kids laughing; a snowball tries to hit Jimmy but he misses and it hits Bob instead)

Junior: Hey, Jimmy.

Jimmy: Hey, Junior. What's up?

Junior: It's the most exciting night before the most exciting day of the year! Santa, Gifts, Reindeer. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!

Annie: Me too.

Percy Pea: Me three.

Larry: Whatcha guys doing?

Everyone: Glo-ooooo-ooooo-ooooo-oria. In Excelsis Deo! (singing while Junior talks to Larry)

Junior: Every Christmas Eve, my grandparents give me a gold coin. And I'm allowed to spend it on whatever I want. There's too much to choose from! And I don't even know what Santa's bringing me!

Well, I hope it's gonna be a happy Christmas. (Everyone: Ding-dong ding-dong.)

I hope I feel the way I feel tonight. (Everyone: Ding-dong Ding-dong.)

With my gifts around me, Will I be astounded?

Will it be the neatest, merriest, greatest best of Christmas days?

Ladies: Best of Christmas Days?

Everyone: Oh, We hope it's gonna be a happy Christmas. (JuniorI wonder what I'm gonna get for Christmas.)

We hope we feel the way we feel tonight! (JuniorEvery light that shines reminds me of a toy.)

With all our friends around us (Junior: Can't wait!)

Will we be astounded? (Junior: This day!)

Will it be the neatest, merriest, greatest best of Christmas days?

Junior: I can hardly wait!

Everyone: We can hardly wait! (We can hardly wait!) We can hardly wait!

Fun Facts


  • According to Chris Wall, there was a scene where George gets hit with Dad Carrot's truck.