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Herbert and Wally
  • Species: Eggplants

Herbert and Wally are best friends who live in Bumblyburg. Similar to Jimmy and Jerry Gourd, they love eating.


In the first episode, the two disguise as "The Cheese Breathing Cow Dragon" to get free picnic food. Larryboy stops them and Officer Olaf takes them away. They are not seen in this episode after this.

In the second episode, the cotton candy machine explodes, leaving a cotton candy mess all over the carnival. The two eat all the cotton candy, cleaning the park. Because of this, the two get their own statue in the park. They are one of the victims who got shrunken and kidnapped by The Alchemist. They also stopped him by stepping on jelly donuts and squirting jelly in his face. This was the last appearance of them.


Herbert and Wally are seen friendly, but their eating habits sometimes get them in trouble.

Physical Appearance

Herbert is a tall purple eggplant with a large nose and blonde hair. He sports a yellow sweater and a green cap.

Wally is a small purple eggplant with indigo hair. He sports a gray tanktop with an opened red flower shirt, khaki pants with a black belt, and half moon glasses.