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Happy Together!
Directed by

Brian Roberts

Produced by

Chris Wall

Music by

Kurt Heinecke

Distributed by



2010 (Production year)
January 22, 2011


1 hour and 23 minutes

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Happy Together! is a special VeggieTales compilation DVD. All feature stories about happiness.


Mr. Lunt is making a Hap-umentray (a Happy Documentary), and he needs Larry's help. But Larry is down because he lost his giant teddy bear Chestnut on a bus, and he feels like he can't be happy anymore after what happened. Lunt suggests Larry to help him out interviewing the kids and he'll probably feel better. They interview the kids about "how do friends make you happy?".

Segment #1: Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler

Song #1: Dance of the Cucumber (from Rack, Shack and Benny)

After interviewing them, Larry still feels down and suggests on asking on what they do if they feel sad. Mr. Lunt didn't want to at first, but decides to do as he didn't want Larry down.

Segment #2: The Grapes of Wrath (from God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!)

Song #2: Pants (from Sweetpea Beauty)

Once it was done, Mr. Lunt tells Larry that no matter what happens, he can still be happy. Larry agrees that he still has good friends and family. Lunt states they can always get another bear, which unfortunately upsets Larry saying he can't buy happiness. Which they decided to ask the kids that question.

Segment #3: Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen

Larry states that regardless if he still has Chestnut and despite his sadness, he knows that everyone still loves him. Just as that happens, Percy shows up with a giant teddy bear, which Larry was grateful for. Percy replied that the bear was still riding in the bus. Mr. Lunt tells him that they still need one more question to ask, which is "what makes them happy?".

Song #3: The Blues With Larry (from Duke and the Great Pie War)





Happy Together!/Features

Fun Facts


  • This compilation was made in 16:9, but is formatted into 4:3 on the DVD release.


  • The angles are reused from Silly Little Thing Called Love.
    • Also, like with the former, the continuity of some of scenes is probably out of order when Larry and Mr. Lunt are interviewing the kids.
  • Just like the secular international version, scenes from Esther were shortened, altered or removed:
    • The entire opening scene up until the titles is removed. Part of the narrator's dialogue after that scene was moved during the scene moving from the palace to the city.
    • The scene where Haman forces Mordecai to bow is shortened.
    • The version of "Tell Me Why" before the auditions is removed.
    • The dialogue after Scallion #1 introduces Esther but before Esther sings "The Battle is Not Ours" is removed.
    • Most of Xerxes and Haman's dialogue after Esther's coronation is removed.
    • The scenes after Esther asked both Xerxes and Haman about dinner and before Xerxes goes to sleep are removed. This in turn changes Esther's dialogue before the first dinner outing to tell Xerxes and Haman to come to dinner "tomorrow" night.
    • The scene when Xerxes was about to tell Haman "Good night" is removed.
    • The narrator's dialogue was moved during the day to night transition.
  • You can make cell phones casings out of wood.


  • The credits list quite a few things wrong:
    • Mike Nawrocki is credited for writing Pants and directing The Blues With Larry, which is not true.
    • Scallion #2's name is seen, despite not appearing in any of the three stories.
    • Percy Pea is not credited.
    • Tim Hodge isn't credited for voicing Blind Lemon.
  • When the girl next to Annie places her crayon in her mouth, it changes from white to yellow/orange.





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