Grumpy Kids is the second song from The Toy That Saved Christmas. Buzz Saw Louie was singing about how the kids who watched the toy commercial became grumpy and wants more on the true meaning of Christmas.


Grumpy kids, greedy dreams.

This is not what Christmas means.

I'm just a toy, I don't claim to be a genius,

But there must be more to Christmas.

There must be more to Christmas.

I think we're really missing something.

Must be more to Christmas...

But what?

Fun Facts

  • The album version that's released on A Very Veggie Christmas is extremely high pitched, making Louie sound like a chipmunk or a little girl.
  • In the original version of The Toy That Saved Christmas, the melody for the song starts just as George is finished referring to Louie "doing some thinking." In the reanimated version, the re-orchestrated song starts just as Louie begins to sing.
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