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This is the transcript for the episode Grow-tato.


(The episode begins with Motato sleeping in his chair with a Teddy Bear until one of his radishes pops up).

Radish: I've done it boss! I've done it. I created a Grow-Ray.

Motato: A Grow Ray?

Radish: A Grow Ray!

Motato: You don't say, a Grow Ray?

Radish: A Grow Ray (he pulls it out and hands it to Motato and walks forward with it).

Motato: Neat-O. Looks like my Shrink-Ray.

(The Radish hops down and takes the ray).

Radish: I added a reverse switch. Observe (pulls out a trumpet and tosses it and activates the Grow-Ray and the trumpet expands and crashes to the floor causing Motato to yelp and gasp, he hops from his seat).

Motato: It grows things. Of course! "Grow-Ray". Of course it's right there in the name. I should've known.

Radish: Do you like it?

Motato: I Love it (takes the Grow-Ray).

Radish: You wanna know how it works?

Motato: Mmm... Nah.

Radish: It's really interesting.

Motato: (babbles dismissively) Please stop talking. With this Ray, I shall--

Radish: Basically, I rerouted all the electrons in the interface, and then-- ]

(Motato babbles dismissively and pushes the Radish away with the ray)

Motato: Look at me, nobody cares, With this ray, I shall grow to the size of a giant and become unstoppable (laughs wickedly as he activates the trigger, meanwhile the Radish walks away dejected, he turns to what he heard, Motato's giant shadow).

(Cut to the outside of Pa Grape's Store where Larry dressed as Plantasaurus is rarring over the citizens and swings down).

Larry: Plantasaurus is here to disrupt an otherwise normal-sized town. Rarr.

(The citizens roll their eyes)

Bob (O.S.): Not if Ultra-Veggie has anything to say about it. (He leaps on the store) And he does have something to say. He says this "Ha"!

Larry: Hyah!

(Bob and Larry start heroic fighting together shouting battle cries, then they bow, cut to Jimmy Gourd banging a gong).

Jimmy: Oops, Sorry.

Bob: Perfectly done Kung-Fu Battle, if I do say so.

Larry: We still got it.

(They both jump on the front step of the store yelling "Hyah", then Bob pulls out a small robot).

Bob: Calling for back-up, Metalli-Bot. Come in Metalli-Bot. Let's perform the mega super laser blast (he presses a button activating lasers in Larry's eye) Larry, this is the part where you pretend to be defeated.

Larry: I don't wanna do that part. We always do that part.

Bob: Because it's the next part.

Larry: (hopping away) You pretend to be defated.

Bob: (laughing as Petunia steps outside the store) Ultra-Veggie doesn't get defeated.

Larry: Only because you never to that part. Hmph.

Petunia: This is so unlike you guys. You play so well together.

Bob: (hopping towards a grumpy Larry) We normally do. It's just that someone won't do their part.

Larry: Nah-Uh, it's just that "someone" is Bob.

(Bob and Larry both turn away from each other much to Petunia's surprise)

Petunia: You'll have more fun if you play together.

Bob: Exactly. Now, let me blast you with my super laser blast.

Larry: (frustrated) No! (he runs away and Bob as frustrated activates the laser and hopping towards Larry leaving Petunia very shocked). No (x4)

(Bob continues chasing Larry activating the laser and spinning Petunia around, Bob then pops out of a cardboard box making Larry scream as rumbling is heard).

Larry: Excuse me.

Bob: That wasn't you. I don't know what that--

(More Rumbling is heard and Motato is laughing, Bob and Larry dash away around the corner seeing they're confronted by giant Motato).

Bob: It can't be.

(Larry steps forward and bumps into Motato, gets back up and steps back).

Larry: It's Giant...

Bob: Motato.

Motato: (laughing with a basketball net in his hands) I am huge now, allowing me to do all sorts of things I only dreamed of before.

Bob: No (he runs away as Motato picks up a dumpster).

Motato: Like this (he dumps garbage out of the dumpster dumping it on a carrot man asking "why the lights turned out and that it smells funny", Motato then laughs hysterically).

Bob: (with a cardboard box on his head) This is horrible.

Larry: I gotta change into LarryBoy.

Bob: Isn't your LarryBoy costume at the cleaners?

Larry: Oh right. (dings) (He hops onto the sink faucet) This must be a job for... Plantasaurus.

Bob: (on the other side of the sink) No, it's clearly a job for Ultra-Veggie! Ultra-Veggie fights giant monsters.

Motato: So many new, neat-o toys to play with (he moves Bacon Bill in a car).

Bacon Bill: (laughing) Whee! Again (x5)

Bob: (hopping down from the sink) There's no more time to argue. I've got this (he hops away from the sink as Larry grunts and falls into the sink, he pulls himself up)

Larry: I also got this too (he hops the opposite direction Bob went, Bob then connects a big rope in the middle of the floor while Larry is on the table thinking) Now, If I were a giant potato, where would I hide? Hmm. (As he's thinking, Motato comes up from behind him, trembling, Larry turns to him, then runs away screaming).

Bob: Once I trip him, I'll be able to tie him up. (laughing and hops) Bob, you genius. Just gotta be quiet and patient and wait for Motato to walk right-- (Before Bob can finish his sentence, Larry is heard offscreening, we then cut to Larry yelling and running away from Motato chasing him). Larry, No!

Larry: Whoa! (Too late, Larry ran right into the rope sliding across the floor groaning all tied up, he looks up and gasps and Motato picks him up laughing)

Motato: Look at this yo-yo (he then treats Larry like a Yo-Yo throwing him up and down, Bob steps forward at him).

Bob: Let him go!

Motato: (chuckles) If you insist. (He throws a screaming Larry at a grunting Bob sending them flying away as Motato chuckles excitedly) Want to stomp next. (He walks away).

Bob: What were you doing?

Larry: I was about to tackle giant monster Motato, but someone put a rope in the way.

Bob: To trip him

Larry: With this rope? It's not even strong enough to keep me tied up. (He tries pulling the rope off him and falls to the ground, Bob then sighs and walks over to him). Can you untie me?

Radish (O.S.): I've worked so hard but does he wanna know how something works? No!

Bob: You hear that?

(Bob and Larry go enter the Motato lair's to find the Radish imitating Motato)

Radish: Why, yes, I'd love to know how this... compilcated piece of machine works. I'd hate to take it for granted.(As himself) Is that so hard? I mean, it's a ray that grows you to the size of a giant. (Pulls out the gun) Who wouldn't wanna know how it works?

Bob: (softly) We gotta get the Grow-Ray. But how?

Larry: We could do the old flip-flop switcheroo routine.

(Bob then approaches the Radish).

Radish: Halt! Who goes there?

Bob: Who, me? Oh, nobody. Just someone who wants to know how that thing works,

Radish: This? You really wanna know?

Larry: Sure we do.

Radish: What the--

Larry: It must be so complicated, so mumbo-jumbo wackadoo that only a genius could create it.

Radish: Well, your words, not mine.

Bob: And you should definitely not let us touch it.

Larry: No way. Something that impressive and dangerous.

Radish: Yeah, stay away.

Bob: Keep it away from me. It's too dangerous.

Larry: Me too.

Bob: Don't let him have it.

Radish: I won't.

Larry: I don't want it.

Bob: Don't give it to me, do you want it?

Radish: I don't want it.

Bob: Give it to him. (x2)

Radish: Here, here! Take it.

(Larry picks up the ray and he leaves the lair with Bob).

Both: Thank you very much.

Radish: Oh, I'm gonna be in trouble.

(Bob and Larry sneak out of the lair with the ray),

Bob: Nice job.

Larry: The ol' switcheroo never fails. High five.

(They hive five)

Bob: We're pretty good when we play well together.

Larry: We play well together. I'm sorry I was being so difficult. I should've done what we're good at.

Bob: No I'm sorry for being too stubborn to work together. Buds?

Larry: Buds.

(They both hug and sigh)

Larry: So now what do we do?

Bob: We can switch this to reverse and shrink Motato back down.

Larry: But how? He's so big, we'll never catch him.

Bob: We need something big.

Larry: Like a giant robot?

Bob: (laughs) Yeah, like a giant robot but that's obviously impossible so-- (gasps)

Larry: (holding Metalli-Bot) Ta-Da! Metalli-Bot should work! (Larry sets the bot on the ground and Bob activates the ray and grows really big). Is it just me or is the riding around in a giant robot gonna be the greatest thing we've ever done ever in the history of everything?

(Mrs. Fuzzyface hops over to a trashcan and pikcs up a sardine, suddenly heavy footsteps approach, she runs away as Metalli-Bot knocks the Trash can over spilling garbage, cut to reveal Bob and Larry riding the robot).

Larry: Let's go stop that giant tater.

(The robot whirrs and the robot spins around and eventually stops).

Bob: We've gotta do this together.

(They both power up the robot and the robot runs through the house it then cuts to Motato laughing and juggling Jimmy, Jerry, and Madame Blueberry while they're screaming)

Bob: That's enough, Motato! Put those veggies down!

Motato: Okay, I was bored with them anyway! (He throws the fruits into the fountain, he then picks up the same car Bacon Bill was in) Make sure you look both ways before crossing the street. (He rolls the car at Metalli-Bot).

Bacon Bill: Wait, let me get in.

(As the car continues, Larry powers the robot and it accidentally steps on the car sending them away crashing with Bob and Larry screaming and zooming, Bob eventually slows down and grabs the roof on one of the those and they spin around the house and stop face to face with Motato)

Motato: Wow, I'm real impressed.

Ichabeezer: This town is weird.

Bob and Larry (singing): We fight monster, we help folks

Got bad guys up against the ropes

Gonna make their crimes part of the past

Stop 'em with our mega super laser blast

We're Plantasaurus and Ultra-Veggie, though our costumes make us sweaty

We're fast as lightin', We're Kung fu fightin' We're Plantasaurus and Ultra-Veggie

With our brains and super powers, Villains shake and quake and cover

Nothing's more incredible than invisible muscles on a vegetable

We're Plantasaurus and Ultra-Veggie, though our costumes make us sweaty

We're fast as lightin', We're Kung fu fightin' We're Plantasaurus and Ultra-Veggie

(Once the song finishes, a laser in Metalli-Bot's arm is shining in Motato's face making him whimper)

Larry: Kind of a let-down huh?

Bob: Yeah, I was hoping for a real laser this time.

Motato: Enough of this! (He pulls out 2 French fry lasers which are as big as him, Bob and Larry gasp and run away from him as Motato shoots at them, they run onto the table, Metalli-Bot continues to dodge the French fries as Motato laughs wickedly).

Bob: We're gonna have to work together to get out of this. What do we do?

Larry: This is the part I pretend to be defeated,

(As the french fries continue to be shot and Motato laughs hysterically, Bob and Larry fly off Metalli-Bot as it falls to the ground, we cut to Larry groaning on the ground)

Motato: Did I get you? (He picks up Larry) I got you! I got you!

(Bob sneaks behind Motato which the ray)

Bob: Oh, Motato.

Motato: Huh? (Turns to Bob) Did someone say my name.

Bob: (activating the laser) Shrink you later, (He shrinks Motato even smaller now, he screams and falls to the floor, gets back up)

Motato: You think that'll stop me? (The hand grabs Motato in thanks to Larry)

Larry: No, I think that'll stop you.

Bob (O.S): Good job, buddy

Larry (hopping off Metalli-Bot): You too, pal.

Bob: What should we play now?

Larry: We sure learned we're a great team when we play together. I know some space models that could be a whole lot bigger.

Bob: Let's do it.

(Bob and Larry dash away leaving Motato groaning and clanging still stuck inside the robot's hand)

Motato: Hello?

(The screen fades out ending the episode).