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George is a recurring character from VeggieTales. He is the grandfather of Annie.


George first worked as a security guard for Mr. Nezzer's chocolate factory, then as a postman delivering mail for many places, including Dinkletown. He also told Bob, Larry, Junior, and Buzz Saw Louie about the birth of Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas. He also saved Nezzer from falling off the bridge to Puggslyville, and told his granddaughter the whole story.

He then portrayed himself as Clark Wayne to tell the story of Tom and Huck rescuing Little Jimmy.

Personality and traits

George is a very polite elderly scallion. He is shown to have a good relationship with Laura, calling her his "favorite" of the Chocolate Factory workers, and is very wise, teaching about the true meaning of Christmas.

He is also willing to help out the seemingly irredeemable of characters, such as when he helped Wally P. Nezzer (with the help of Bob, Larry, and Junior) from hanging off the broken bridge leading toward Puggslyville, thereby reforming him. He is shown numerous times telling stories throughout the original series.


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Fun Facts

  • George is based on Bill Cobs' character Moses from "The Hudsucker Proxy".
  • It is possible that he served in the Navy, according to a photo of him in a sailor uniform at his house in The Toy That Saved Christmas.
  • In a commercial insert for the VeggieTales Christmas Spectacular, George appears, and states that he is unsure of what type of vegetable he is.