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'''[[File:BigIdea2002Logo.png|thumb]]''''''Big Idea Entertainment '''is an American animation production company. They are best known for animating [[VeggieTales]] and [[3-2-1 Penguins!]]
This category is for the list of songs.
Big Idea was founded by [[Phil Vischer]] and [[Mike Nawrocki]] in 1989 as GRAFx Studios. The companies' original motivations was to create graphics for commercials. That same year was when Phil created the short [[Mr. Cuke's Screen Test]].
The short inspired them to create VeggieTales, and they released [[Where's God When I'm S-Scared?]]
According to Phil Vischer, the company was originally located at a screw factory. In 1997, they then moved to Chicago suburbs in 1997 with the purchase of the DuPage Theater in Lombard, Illinois. For the production of Jonah, the company expanded to the rental offices at Yorktown Center.

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This category is for the list of songs.

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