Grandma Nezzer was Ebenezer Nezzer's grandmother. She is the one who created Easter Eggs. It started out with just one hen who eggs, and the painted eggs sold. It soon became a big buisness and she started to build a factory. She soon died, and Ebenezer Nezzer took her place.

He replaced the hens with mechanical chickens who layed plastic eggs. Ebenezer soon had a vision of her, and she told him that Easter isn't about plastic eggs or candy, and it is about Jesus, but he never got the point until an angel came down and explained Easter to him.

She is voiced by Tim Hodge.


Grandma Nezzer is an elderly zucchini. She has warts all over her and her chin is visable. She has a long nose and wears glasses. She grows gray hair and also wears a blue shirt with white buttons and ruffles. She is quite big, due to being a zucchini.




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