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Gourdon Smithson
  • Species: Gourd
  • Eye color: Green
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Age: Likely 13-17
  • First appearance: Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush
  • Creator(s): Robert G. Lee

Gourdon Smithson is a bully towards other children, such as Junior Asparagus. He serves as the main antagonist of the short Bully Trouble, his debut episode.


In his debut, Gourdon bullied Junior when he and his friends were at the playground. He claims the playground is his, and threatens Junior and his friends not to go by there.

Junior then stood up to Gourdon and tells him off that no matter how many times he pound him, he'll never be defeated. Gourdon decides not to bother him and leaves.


Gourdon is shown to be a constantly selfish, territorial, and mean-spirited all the time. His main hobbies include bullying and torturing kids younger and smaller than him. He is also shown to have an interest in video games, so much as to the point he relinquished the playground to Junior and his friends.

Physical Appearance

Gourdon is a yellow gourd with light brown hair. He has freckles, warts all over him and his chin is visible.

He is mostly seen wearing a green hat, a white shirt, and a navy-blue denim jacket.

In the VeggieTales Super Comics, he has green eyes.



Voice Actors



Fun Facts

  • When they first tried out Gourdon's voice, they originally pitch shifted it, similar to Bob and Larry's voices. However, they decided to leave it as it is because he sounded like Archie Bunker.
  • Gourdon's last name was never revealed until the character commentary for "The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's."
  • He is the sixth character in VeggieTales to have bulging eyelids and eyebrows at the same time, with the first five being Scooter, Mr. Nezzer, Apollo Gourd, Charlie Pincher, and Oscar.